Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Today, I drove across to Cambridge to see a friend; her baby is due any day and I wanted to get her pressies over there in time.

Such excitement in those last few days before your first baby arrives, that mixture of apprehension about how it will all go, combined with the feeling that you just want to get on with it and be a bit more comfortable, and slight disbelief that a whole new person is going to enter your world and change life forever very soon.

Took me back 24 years and made me feel a bit wistful... not that I have any desire to be there again now! But its such a special time and I can't quite believe it was such a long time ago - and we were young and optimistic and full of anticipation about what the future would hold. Suddenly feel a bit sad and old!

It was lovely to share my friend's excitement and nerves though. And she loved the blanket :-). So much so that she had to have a little practise with it in the pram that is just ready and waiting...

And that made me feel really glad. And very happy that my little bit of handmade love could be shared and appreciated.

Worth the drive in the snow there and back!!


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

ooo, loving these!!!

What's not to love about cheerful tea towels? Always up for something to brighten up the kitchen! So this give away at Tales from Cuckoo Land caught my eye.

Lovely designer tea towels from All Tea Towels - something for everyone, go and have a peep :-). And if you fancy a chance of a freebie, pop into Cuckoo Land!