Friday, 5 July 2013

gardeners delight...

As those of you who pass by here now and again will know, I am split between two homes and two gardens at the moment. This is a mixed blessing. Infinitely difficult in many ways but equally full of small joys. Like this clematis which burst into flower whilst I was away.

This is in my tiny terraced rented garden and I honestly can't remember it from last year. Perhaps it did flower but certainly not as profusely as it has this year.

Even on a dull day it is brightening up this little space and I am enjoying the view from my kitchen window at the moment...

Meanwhile, back at the 'other' garden I feel as though I'm trying to immortalise what's there in little snapshots in time.

It is proving something of a challenge to maintain it from a distance but the borders still have a bit of colour that hasn't got too unruly just yet. The honeysuckle has gone a bit mad but smells heavenly. And there is the promise of more to come - delphiniums and hollyhocks shooting skywards, just hope I can time my visits when they are flower!

Last week I uncovered from the slightly rampant purple loosestrife this little rose, which has rather floppy, downward facing flowers but a really lovely fragrance.

I have decided to take pleasure in the small things and maybe one day I'll have another space to recreate the things I've loved. After all, as my boys keep reminding me, 'its only a garden' and there will be other places to plant beautiful things.