Wednesday, 10 August 2011

folk and VWs...

I think a couple of posts ago I mentioned I went with a friend to Cambridge Folk Festival, so finally getting round to posting about it. This is the second time I've been to this festival - it has a lovely relaxed feel and some great music; a mixture of traditional and newer folk-inspired music and lots that was new to me, which was fine. I really love to hear something different and sometimes it is the least expected that you enjoy the most.

There is always something just a little bit quirky about festivals and I loved this as we walked in...

What is a bit different to other festivals I've been to is the real music that's around - the performers are not just 'bands' (don't get me wrong I have no problem with bands and lots of them have great musicians and performers) but play instruments, traditional and funky mad ones, and it is so lovely to see and hear. i love the fact that there are loads of children soaking up the excitement of live music and the very traditional acts were just as entertaining. I didn't take many photos as most of the day we were in the stage marquees and the light wasn't great but I really enjoyed a Scottish singer called Emily Smith - beautiful lyrical voice - and a lively Norwegian girl band called Katzenjammer who were great fun. I'd not heard of either of them before but the nice thing about festivals is you can dip in and out so its easy to have a listen to something new.

These were good too...

...a Nigerian singer, Fema Kuti, and his band. They were so full of rhythm and energy you couldn't help but jig about - and the dancers were amazing; they are blurry because they were moving so fast!!

Lots of other acts I enjoyed - too many to mention - great day of music... skies...

...and just chillin'...

Which brings me on to this...

I don't know about anyone else out there but son 3 and I definitely would like to live this particular dream! There is a festival near us called 'Whitenoise' which is a VW fest - more campervans and beetles than you could ever wish for. If they're not your thing you might want to stop reading now but if you're sharing the campervan love, take a look at these beauties...!

How's this for a pretty van for coffee and cake?

Lots of nostalgia...

...this one took me back to the 70s...

...anyone else love spacehoppers as a child?!!

And some great detail in the presentation of these lovely 'homes on wheels'...

The boys enjoyed a bit of bike gazing...

Son 3 thought this might be the perfect 18th birthday present! Dream on, sunshine...

Still, nothing wrong with 'Living the Dream' for a couple of hours...



PS Forgot to say, welcome along to some new followers! Hope you enjoy my ramblings! x


  1. Looks like so much fun Sandra, and I am loving that VW bus!!!

  2. Wow it looks fab! I soooo want to have a vintage VW campervan - *sigh*... x

  3. We've been the VW Festival at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire and it is always a feast for the eyes. It's amazing what lengths people go to to spruce those old campers up.

  4. Butt bunting, I love it :)
    x Sandi

  5. The VW vans do bring back memories!!! I always wanted one as a kid!! :) It's a treat to see that people are restoring and still using them!!

    The pink and white van with the bakery goodies was sooooo cute!!!! Just the look alone would make their things tastier!!!

    Thank you for the trip down memory lane!!

  6. Wow oh wow all those lovely camper vans & beetles, i would be in heaven around those. My daughter Lauren & I have been craving a VW van for so long.
    Love that bunting in the first pic, really quirkey.
    Thanks for popping by the new blog :D
    Karen X

  7. Great fun. We had a VW campervan in the 70s & loved it and yes, I lived on my spacehopper !

    I love the silk banners in the last picture - very festival like.

  8. such a lovely pictures! its looks like you had there a lot of fun! its very nice! :o)


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