Wednesday, 8 August 2012

July - things to remember...

I've kind of lost my photo taking/blogging mojo... At least, I don't seem to be able to find the time or energy or enthusiasm for being creative. I haven't picked up anything crafty for weeks and my apathy seems to have extended to taking pics too. Can't decide if its a time thing or a mood thing - or maybe a bit of a combination - but I've been rubbish at even bothering with taking the camera out with me.  

So, in the interests of keeping a bit of a record of 'events this year', this is more of a scrapbook of things I want to remember and less of a place with nice things to look at. Most of the photos have been taken on my phone so quality not great, but hey, in terms of reflecting where I'm at just now, this is about it!

July finally saw graduation day - officially could stick MSc after my name now (won't! But could!)...

It was a nice day and great to graduate with a bunch of people who have become good friends through the trauma of being part-time students while working full time!

Family and friends were very kind - took me out to dinner and bought me flowers...

July has also seen the odd day of summer sunshine - obviously essential to take advantage with lunch in the garden! This is my rainbow lunch on cheerful stripes...

And of course, who could miss the 'main event' this month - the beginning of the London Olympics with its truly British, quirky, fab opening ceremony, which I watched on the city's big screen with friends. Huge bean bags, chairs and flags were provided, festival atmosphere brought along by the crowd and there was a great buzz...

Festival fun continued with what has become an annual treat to the Cambridge folk festival. I love this mellow day out with a chance to hear amazing musicians, often people I've never heard before, sometimes blasts from the past. This year we saw Ruthie Foster, who blasted out gutsy blues numbers, the highly energetic African singer Angelique Kidje who certainly livened the place up and got everyone dancing...

and Joan Armatrading (remember 'Drop the Pilot'?!!!) who sounded exactly the same as I remembered from years ago. But the highlight of the day for me was Seth Lakeman...

He is an incredible musician, playing several different instruments and along with his band, just looked as though he was really enjoying the performance...

And pretty easy on the eye too... ;-)

The weather was a bit bizarre - over the course of the afternoon we went from glorious sunshine to torrential thunderstorms! When we went into the marquee to see the performers people were sitting on the grass in the sunshine; when we came out it looked like this...

Amazing how quickly lots of feet can turn a field into a quagmire!

The kids were loving it in their wellies... a nutshell...



  1. Congratulations Sandra, well done on passing your studies. I love Angelique Kidje and Joan Armatrading, it must have been great to see them 'live'. I understand about the lack of mojo, I am still off work with the flu and no energy, two weeks of the rotten thing. Although glad I'm home today it is 10 deg and raining, hailing and snow further up the hills.
    Keep well xo Sandi

  2. July was a good month for you. congratulations on your graduation too.
    I have no crafty mojo at the moment and that makes me feel guilty as i am off work so have time, maybe it's a summer thing and we will be back into it in the autumn!

  3. Huge congratulations on your graduation. It's difficult enough without a full time job too. Well done!

  4. Don´t be hard on yourself - working full time, studying part time, a mother and a housewife - no wonder you don´t have the time! I started blogging in my maternity-leave with good intentions of blogging about all my crafty-ness, amazing cooking and great parenting it very quickly turned into a blog more about thoughts, goals and not so many original photos.

  5. What a month you had ! Congratulationd on your graduation xx

  6. Congratulations! You look so happy in those grad pictures :-)

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that's lost her picture taking and blogging mojo. I'm hoping that when the kids get back to school I'll feel more like it. Most of my time is spent sewing the odd stitch here and there between meals and children saying "moooooom!" :-)


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