Sunday, 28 April 2013


Finally... I have finished the knitted squares blanket!

Last weekend, we had enough warmth in the sunshine to sit outside and enjoy the daffodils that have finally opened...

...whilst indulging in a bit of al fresco crochet edging...

This pattern has rather eaten up the wool. What started as a plan to use up leftover double knitting has resulted in several unscheduled 'top-ups' of supplies. Consequently, I still have a wool bag that seems as full of half finished balls as ever! The squares were knitted with the yarn doubled, which seems to have given them a bit more substance and has certainly made the finished article quite a thick chunky- feel blanket.

I decided to keep to the two strands of yarn for the edging and went for a fairly wide border - partly because I'd skimped a bit on the squares (out of sheer boredom) and partly because it seemed to need it.

As ever, the colours in my dingy little terrace look decidedly odd - even on a bright day there is very little natural light in here - but I think you get a feel for what a thick blanket this is.

I went for a bit of a mixed bag for the border - a couple of rows of double crochet clusters, followed by a couple of rows of treble clusters, then the remainder worked into the back loops of every stitch - trebles in navy (honestly its not black, just navy!), doubles in pale pink and blue, then a final round of picot edging.

I like this simple edging - not too fussy but just enough to act as a 'full stop' if you know what I mean! So, the finished product...

Its about the size of a single bed so not big enough to cover the double bed, but certainly big enought o keep feet warm!

I think I quite like it after all, but definitely not my favourite and I'm certainly not going to make another!! And timing- wise?? Thick cosy blanket completed just as the weather finally takes a turn for the better and we see a few blue skies...

Never mind, its so lovely to see some sunshine and blankets can be stored for the inevitable return of chilly nights. For now, I'm hoping for more days of blue skies and spring warmth. 



  1. Well done for persevering and getting it finished. It looks fabulous. I had a chuckle to myself as you described the crochet finishing in detail, but avoided completely the knitting info!
    xXx Helen

    1. Ha ha :-) Hadn't really realised til you said! Subliminal messaging maybe?!! I don't know why, but I find knitting infinitely more boring than crochet - maybe because I have to concentrate a bit, which means I find it harder to do in front of a film or tv programme... Anyway, for anyone who's interested... a selection of cables, double moss st, moss st, broken rib, 3 x 1 rib, garter st and a few patterned squares thrown in for good measure!!

  2. Great blanket,it looks warm and cosy. I've made about twenty something squares on my project so I've got a long way to go. I'm glad somebody has had some warm weather somewhere in this country. We haven't!!!
    Kathy xxx

    1. Well, when I say 'warm' its all relative isn't it?!! I guess it got to about 15C, which compared to what we had been having was positively balmy!! It was ok in the garden - my garden is so tiny and pretty sheltered from the wind, plus I had a blanket over my legs (the joys of crochet!!), walking down the street wasn't quite so summery!! Look forward to seeing your blanket :-) xx

  3. It's lovely - I like all the different textures and it looks wonderfully thick and warm.

    1. Thankyou! It certainly is cosy, think it may end up staying in the living room for snuggling under in front of the tv!!

  4. Wow that sky is blue! Hope the weather continues to stay warm and dry...I hope it will cheer up the nation...we sure need it! :o)


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