Monday, 30 December 2013

a tale of two drinks...

I am definitely not a health fanatic. I am generally pretty rubbish at getting the '5 a day' in, not because I eat junk instead, just because I often don't get/make time to eat at work and then when I get home I'm so famished I make something quick and carb loaded like toast or pasta or couscous... A bit disorganised really!

Anyway, some years ago I had a juicer and after a slightly sceptical start was a complete fan. I'm fairly ambivalent about all the health claims the juicing gurus make but I figure it definitely can't be bad for you and actually I just like the process of making and drinking fresh juice. I was also amazed at what you can stick in juice (that you'd never expect to want to drink! Broccoli stems??!!) that, in combination with a few other things tastes delicious! The motor on that juicer burnt out after about 3 years pretty regular use and over the last couple of years it has hardly seemed like the thing to get to the top of the 'can't live without' list.

So, imagine what a treat it was to get a brand spanking new, super dooper machine from my middle son and girlfriend for Christmas! An emergency trip to Sainsburys for fruit and veg on Boxing Day and I'm away again on the juicing wagon!

This was yesterdays fresh, frothy concoction...

Ok, so it may not look that appealing and I know green juices are not for everyone but honestly, it did taste delicious - apple, pear, lemon, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, celery and ginger; fresh, zingy and definitely wakes up your taste buds! Tom is a fan too, so I'm hoping between us we might get a few more vitamins in and you never know, I might even up my iron enough to not be anaemic for a bit!!

There's something about drinking juice that makes you 'feel' a bit healthier and inspired too! I had a real urge to go off for a good brisk walk after that! And it was such a beautiful bright day we headed up to the broads for a bit of a wander. Only that was less of a success! Tom wasn't really up for a good yomp and the paths were seriously muddy after all the wet weather, plus my hands got so cold and numb I couldn't actually work my camera to take photos! 

Which is where the 'other' drink comes in... on a cold day, a cosy pub looks so inviting and seemed just the place to nip in for lunch. I had a steaming bowl of creamy butternut squash soup, freshly baked bread rolls (still warm from the oven) and a salted caramel macaroon with the strongest, most welcome coffee...

If you were on the detoxing kick, I guess these two photos would be highly incompatible but for me? Well, I enjoyed them both and feel they sit side by side very well!

What's your poison??!!

S xx


  1. My daughter is a big fan of juicing, but I've never really got into it despite buying a little juicer a while ago. Maybe I need to dig it out .... it's got to be good for you hasn't it! Like you, I enjoy a good cup of coffee when I'm out, but I never drink it at home. I stick to fruit teas.
    Have a good New Year xxx

  2. I've never go into smoothies or juicing, largely I think because I'm lazy, but I couldn't afford to keep buying the fresh ingredients either ! My family say I'm a 'carb-fiend' as I only really ear carbs - I'm a fussy vegetarian - so some juicing would be good for me but I just can't get interested! The other kind of drink, however, I can get fully on board with! Nothing like a cosy place for a drink mid walk!

  3. We gave each other a juicer this year. I have found some really good recipes and I am excited to try them out. I have a feeling it will take some getting used to though. I always prefer the good strong coffee with a little sweet something! Happy New Year!

    1. I think its best to start with something thats not too faffy or whacky otherwise your tastebuds don't know whats hit them! Carrot & apple (a sweet one like gala seems to work best for me) make a good sweetish base and then you can add other things to that. This morning I mixed grapefruit (reduced bargain!), orange and carrot with a bit of fresh ginger (I love the taste of ginger!). Some things are a bit of an acquired taste or you only need a very little - I like beetroot with carrot and apple but you don't need much and not everyone's a fan!! And I definitely don't want to drink anything oniony! Have fun experimenting! Happy New Year x

  4. Yum we are drinking looks of fresh juice in Bali, pineapple, ginger and mint. Happy new year to you.

  5. I used to make the children smoothies so might get the blender out ( think the motor burnt out trying to make bread crumbs ! )

    1. Ha ha! I killed a blender a while ago trying to grind nuts in it! Didn't like it!


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