Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer evenings...

We have had some truly beautiful days lately. Frustratingly most of them I glimpse through the window at work now and again, and I have struggled to get away early enough to enjoy the warm evenings.  But a couple of evenings ago, we just decided to take something to eat and catch the last hour of sun at Whitlingham Broad. The light was lovely... 

Tom was looking a bit wistful staring into the distance... we watched the sun dip behind the trees...

There was a bit of a cool breeze and it was a lovely spot to just 'be'... Bliss.

Loving this warm weather.



  1. It's great to just seize the opportunities and enjoy them :)

  2. Stunning photos - I love the reflections on the water. x

  3. The evening are wonderful right now aren't they Sandra. I love your photos.
    Jacquie x


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