Monday, 13 June 2011

adrenaline buzz..!

Most of the time I am very happy to live life at a reasonably sedate pace but every now and then I think it's good to challenge yourself a bit and I love the buzz you get from a difficult climb up a rocky mountain, a heated (but not acrimonious!) debate, flying (honestly, I still get a buzz from the fact that such a huge metal bus with wings gets up there and I will never tire of flying above the clouds or over mountains!) or doing the occasional mad thing like skydiving (have only done this the once but would do it again like a shot!).

And every now and then, something you see gives you a similar I just had to post a quick blog about this man who did it for me yesterday...

Son 1 got me into Formula 1 a year ago and I am hooked! There is very little on TV that I really like to watch but there is something about the combination of fast cars and these men that are just on the edge of reckless plus the complicated tactics employed by the teams that fascinates me.

Plus Jenson Button is probably my favourite driver - he seems like a really nice man (of course, I have no real evidence for this other than the few times I've seen him interviewed but he seems a nice guy!), he's not bad eye-candy and given the chance he is a fantastic driver. Yesterday, after a very prolonged Canadian Grand Prix with lengthy stops for rain and far more safety car laps than you want to see, it finally got going again in the last 20 or so laps and Button came through from the back of the field to take the lead on the last lap.

That is the most excited I have got watching TV for a while! My palms were so clammy I had to stop progress on the ripple blanket!

Off to the supermarket today, just watch me with that trolley... ;-)

Til next time

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  1. I love F1 too but alas, don't get the opportunity to watch many races these days. (Peppa pig seems to come first!)
    BUT a few years ago, the Mr and I won tickets to F1 at Silverstone and let me tell you, it was AMAZING! I will never forget the incredible, deafening sound of the engines - what a rush. Brill race too.


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