Monday, 20 June 2011

Special Sunday things...

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my garden in my last post; I think when you see it every day its probably very easy to take it for granted - good to look at it through a lens and to appreciate it!

And thanks for the tealight jar cover tutorial Annaboo, this is definitely on my little side project list! Will let you know how I get on!

This weekend has been a very short one! I had to work all day Saturday but today had a nice mix of family and friends.

My sister moved house on Friday - which, with 3 children under five, was somewhat stressful I think! We nipped over today to see how they were doing.

Smallest nephew was uncovering the evidence of why his mummy was feeling a bit fragile this morning...!

Always seems a good idea the night before! 

Cousins had a bit of 'together' time...

These two are the eldest and youngest cousins - the very small person is just crawling and the most easy going contented baby.

I do love baby feet! Just the most delicious, soft tootsies!

Then tonight, I was treated to dinner with some lovely friends to celebrate my birthday tomorrow (Today! I've just looked at the clock! Holy moly, I'm 45!). Lovely food, lovely company and look at these gorgeous mugs I received...

Aren't they fab? They are the work of ceramics artist Richard Godfrey, via the Grapevine Gallery in Norwich - I love them.

Oh, and I've started socks mark 2! No pics yet but I'm using a different pattern (aptly called basic socks - should be up my street!) - on DPNs and working from the top down, so we'll see whether they are an improvement on the first pair! Would love to treat myself to some of the gorgeous sock yarn I keep seeing on various blogs but am trying not to do any more yarn splurging just yet... Next pair, maybe!

Til next time



  1. Happy Birthday :-) I too am experimenting with socks, I just made one that looks like it was made for someone with a club foot because I shortened the heel. I had knitted it on bigger needles than I thought so it was going to be frogged anyway. I just want to get the heel and gusset right before I use my new Opal Tiger sock yarn :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to you, I love your mugs too, sounds like you had a lovely birthday. I haven't started my dads socks just yet.
    x sandi

  3. Happy birthday, nice mug pressie, they're really lovely!! The baby pics are mmmmmmm, i go to mush with babies, way too cute :)
    Karen x


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