Monday, 5 September 2011

August...where did it go?

It seems completely impossible that it can be September! I don't know if its because I've had my head in books for the last month or so or because I haven't had a summer holiday but this month I have managed the least photos and the least amount of blogging time since the beginning of the year. 

It has actually left me feeling a bit flat - in part maybe because the leaves are definitely beginning to turn and the evenings (actually and the days!!!) are noticeably cooler; although I do love the autumn, I just don't feel ready for it yet! I want more balmy evenings and light mornings! And I soooo dread the gradual slide into winter. I am going to have to make a conscious effort to keep going out and doing nice things as it becomes so easy to slip into a kind of twilight world when the beginnings and ends of my working days are in the dusk.

I think I also feel a bit frustrated that I seem to have been unable to get much else done lately - hardly any crafty stuff (although I am nearly there on another pair of socks - more another time!) and precious little in the way of me time.

This weekend, I have just had a weekend away in London but a bit bitter sweet - a lovely fun get together but to say goodbye to a dear friend who after 20 years studying and working here is today moving back to Malaysia to begin a new life. She has been here longer than at 'home' and I know it was so tough for her to get on that plane on her own and leave her UK life and friends behind. Of course, we are all still here and the internet makes it much easier to maintain a connection (hurrah for skype!) - but there is a 7hr time difference so it all takes a bit of planning and it will be different from the impromptu evenings we have tended to have here. It seems incredible to me that we waved her through departures at Heathrow at about 1030 and that she will still be up in the sky for another hour or two - 13 hours in a plane! However, we are hoping to have a mass trip to Kuala Lumpur in 2013 for a certain 40th birthday, so that is something to be planning for.

I failed miserably at the scavenger hunt this month, but thought I might as well post the few I have...

The list Kathy set was always going to be a challenge in Norfolk (& with time and opportunity at a premium) and there were several I didn't manage at all - a fountain, a boat (unbelievable! I live in Broads country!), mountains (seriously? Have you seen Norfolk?!), street food (honestly, I have been like a hermit this last month, I've eaten more toast and marmite than is normal for a woman of my age...), market day (my trips to the market have been entirely functional ones), bread (I know, all that toast! I really should have managed this one!)... I should have taken a picture of son 3's post 18th celebration dyed hair for something bizarre - it is bright red, and as he is such a tall skinny rake he looks a bit like a swan vesta match! The sport, I thought of today when I was watching a friends 18 year old compete in an athletics meeting but then I realised it is September and figured I couldn't cheat. So all in all, pants effort! Note to self...must try harder this month!

I did get... a picnic...

...taken over to my Mum's to eat in a sunny spot in her lovely garden.

A festival or funfair...

This was kind of a bit of both as it was a scary-looking ride at the funfair which was at the Whitenoise campervan festival that I blogged about earlier in the month. The kids on there seemed to be enjoying it...!


Also at said VW festival - a whole stand of lovely fabrics to add prettiness to you campervan!

And something ancient...

I couldn't make a decision, so to make up for my rather feeble efforts this month, I give you three 'ancients'! I loved the collections of vintage 'stuff' on offer to give the refurbished VWs some original character but couldn't quite help feeling a bit of love for this rather battered old van too!

It has to be said 4 out of the 12 is a pretty poor show - can only get better next month!

Til next time then



  1. I laughed at the vision of your son looking like a swan vesta :-) You seem busy and that is always hard when there is no time to craft or blog but we all go thru it and we are all still here...I know September already! xx

  2. Time is rushing by that's for sure (except when work is boring) Gosh it is so cold here to day, I can't get warm, my body got used to the warmer weather we have had lately, this week we are back to winter, brrrr.
    Not good that you haven't had time to craft, I get all 'thing' when I can't craft.
    x Sandi

  3. I keep saying to myself that i'll do the scavenger hunt and then I forget about it, miss it or otherwise be distracted by other things. So well done to you for getting some pics. (love those old VW s)


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