Friday, 9 September 2011

craving colour...

Just a couple of things that have been feeding my colour habit in recent weeks...

This pretty doorway was in a courtyard full of crafty shops in South Derbyshire, when we nipped up to see middle son a couple of weeks ago. In my dreamy head I'd love to have a front door like this... (if someone else could do all the watering in hot weather...!)

And still going on the Noro socks...

This picture wasn't taken in very good light so the blues look very dark - in reality its probably all a bit lighter. These are taking me ages because I've had so little time to knit - just need one good evening and they'll be done. I was going to give them to my Mum for christmas but I really like them so I might have to keep them! Plus the cast on in this yarn seems to be a bit tighter so the tops have a tightish line - Mum has a slight tendency to swollen ankles so tight bands at the top of socks are a bad idea! Does anyone have any tips for casting on top-down socks to avoid this? Next pair must be for someone else!!!



  1. Love the doorway and mini-garden - I'd like something like that too, but I don't know why because unfortunately I'm really not greenfingered! I couldn't even keep a couple of herbs on the windowsill alive!

  2. I wish I could knit- those socks look scrumptious and I love the colours. No wonder you want to keep them for yourself!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Beautiful colors Sandra, and isn't Noro the best???
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love coloured doors, ours is a nice shade of slate blue. Long tail cast on for the tube has some brilliant tutorials! :-)


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