Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Since my last post life has turned itself somehow upside down...

Lots of change happening and it has been painful and difficult and will probably continue to be for some time. Too difficult to go into here - suffice to say, I am unlikely to manage any more garden mid month pics and I haven't taken even one of the photos for the scavenger hunt this month. And am not likely to. At some point I expect I will be able to bring you up to date - I have had some very kind and thoughtful messages which are appreciated and have helped hugely.

However...crochet has continued. In fact, I have probably done more in the last few weeks than I have managed for a while...in part because I have been diverting my attention with it and in part because Christmas is looming nearer and required me to get on with it!!

So, time for a quick update...

Progress on the ripple blanket...

I was a bit surprised to see just how much this has grown when I laid it out properly today - I think I am nearly there!!! Maybe a dozen or so more stripes then I think it will be time to tackle a border. If I'm honest I'm a little undecided about a border - maybe it doesn't need it? But then I always think a border just finishes things off? Any thoughts?

Whichever I do, I am enjoying the colours and the stripes and the rhythmic ripply creation of this blanket. Plus I am sleeping under this blanket-in-progress (unsewn ends and all!) and it is a lovely cosy layer.

The other makes are pressies...

You'll have to excuse the photos! Its not easy to take a picture from arms length, 'blind' - particularly when you are trying to keep your chin out of the way! You may remember I mentioned ages ago the King Cole Riot yarn I bought in Derbyshire - well it has been made into this lacy scarf...

This was an easy pattern of treble clusters that grew in no time and was quick to finish.


...a twirly scarf! Again, very easy to do, just lots of trebles on a big hook but very loooong rows! This wool/acrylic blend does work up into lovely soft fabric and I do hope the recipients will like them! 

I have almost finished a second twirly scarf...

...only, irritatingly, I was just a little bit short and had to go and buy another ball today. Which means, of course, that there will be some over...!

Hope to get back into regular swing of blogland once things settle down, til then, thanks for popping by.



  1. Sorry I have been out of the loop for a long time but reading this I couldn't not comment. Sending you lots of strength to get through difficult times. Take care of yourself. You can do it xx

  2. As tough as life gets at times, somehow it always manages to get back on track. So hang in there! Your blanket looks fabulous. I agree, a border just seems to finish it off, although by the time I get to that point I've usually had enough! And those twirly whirly scarves are sure to be loved by the recipient.
    xXx Helen

  3. Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. ((hugs)) I will keep you in my thoughts that things settle soon.

  4. Have been thinking of you and hope you are OK. Keep on with that crochet it is perfect meditation and you time. One day at a time and be kind to yourself xx

  5. Ahh, crochet therapy, such a great thing to do. Your blanket is looking amazing, a border would just top it off, it doesn't need to be big or fanciful. Love what you have done with the King Cole yarn, very cosy and will be much appreciated.
    x Sandi

  6. The quilt is gorgeous Sandra, and I LOVE the twirly scarf!

  7. Sorry to hear you're going through tough times at the moment - I hope things settle down soon, and I'll keep you in my thoughts.

    The ripple blanket looks amazing, and is it weird that I want to reach into the computer and just squish those scarves - they look so soft and, erm, squishable!!

  8. I love your ripple blanket. I've been thinking about having a go at one of these but my crochet is not brill. Still very much a beginner.
    I've just found your blog this evening and really hope things improve for you.

    Melanie x

  9. I was just doing a little blog hopping and happened by your blog, Your ripple blanket is stunning! My personal opinion is that a border always finishes of a blanket nicely. So sorry things have been difficult for you, I always find crochet helps me take my mind of things and relaxes me during difficult time. I hope things improve for you very soon. Sending over some blog loving.

    Shelley (all4meggymoo)


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