Monday, 13 February 2012

end of an era...

I was going to try to write 7 interesting things about myself tonight in the spirit of the blog awards that I have been very kindly given of late...

Then this evening, I had a call from my biggest boy to say that one special cat is no more...

I have had a few cats over the years and this one really was something else. Particularly with Ben (top left) with whom he seemed to have a connection that was at times a bit bizarre - they would look for each other, talk to each other and he would allow Ben to play with him like no-one else.

I suppose he was getting on a bit, he would have been 15 in September (geriatric in cat years apparently) but he hadn't really been ill, then just suddenly faded in the last few days. On the plus side, he hadn't been in any pain and didn't have a miserable time at the end. But its very surreal to think that he won't be around anymore.

I'm glad I saw him yesterday, because, of course, I've hardly seen him in the last few weeks. And my heart goes out to Ben, who is going to miss his buddy more than anyone. Doesn't matter how grown up you are, very hard to say goodbye to a well-loved pet.


  1. Sending you lots of hugs (and to Ben)and you are so right, it doesn't matter what age you are. My cat is comming up either 14 or 15 and she has been like a kitten all this time, she is starting to get a bit on the slow side now. My kids have grown up with her, just like your boys have.
    xx Sandi

  2. (((hugs))) to you all! It is amazing how a family pet can leave such large paw prints in one's heart.

  3. That's sad. Billy allows Jess to do all sorts of things. He's like a rag doll with her & the funny thing is Jess didn't like Billy when she first saw him ( he's mine ) she said he had a squashed face. He totally adores her.
    Hope Ben isn't too sad x

  4. Really sorry to hear that, but I'm glad it happened fairly quickly and that he didn't appear to be suffering. xxx

  5. Oh I am sorry to read this, such a sad time. I still miss my Bob and he died in 2008!
    They are such part of the family, I am sure he felt very loved.

  6. Sandra it is hard to say goodbye to our little mates, I know how you feel my old cat and horse both went last year after 15 leaves you feeling a bit lost but I think a bit of them is left behind with us to help us get by. My reader Bloglovin has been playing up and telling me that everyones blogs are block for pornographic there something my bloggy friends are not telling me ;-) anyway it means I am missing lots of post so I will play catch up now while it is actually working. Loved the photos of the snow!


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