Wednesday, 29 February 2012

photo challenge 2012...

How on earth have we got to the end of February already?!! This has sort of snuck up on me and only today I realised I was running out of time for this months fact, make that have run out of time!

So much for making a concerted effort to get every one on the list...Feb has proved to be what my 14 year old nephew would call an 'Epic Fail' (imagine the emphasis that only teenagers can add to convey a million words!)

I have to confess to a slight heart sink when I saw Kathy's list for February...romance has been conspicuous in its absence in my life and there seemed an awful lot of that theme. But to be fair, I've also not managed to get pictures for music and food! Both of which have featured at times in considerable quantities! I've just been awful at remembering to take the camera out...

So here goes...
  • music - fail!
  • food - fail!
  • love

  • cupid - didn't manage this either, no cherubs with arrows evident in my neck of the woods...
  • in the sky
I seem to have taken lots of pictures of sky, clouds and tree tops this month (do I have a problem with constantly looking up??? I have to confess to having gashed my shin open one day whilst walking along sky-gazing...)

This was a very quickly snapped shot across the supermarket car park, what a treat to come out to...

  • black and white

  • 5
A number of things came to mind, but I liked this image...

  • leap year
No great proposals! This was the best I could think relevance to year but they were leaping around! (by the way, have you any idea how difficult it is to capture leaping monkeys on a little point and shoot???!!! When I'm a grown-up I will have a Proper camera...)

  • train
Norwich station, 6.30am...

...with the inevitable poor light effect :-(
Hadn't realised til much later that I was on platform 5!
  • crowded - fail! haven't really been anywhere crowded (apart from work and its really not the done thing to go round snapping in a hospital!)
  • empty 

Again...lousy light I'm afraid, but it was deserted on the station - empty platform, empty train...
  • heritage

I think the old railway routes and canals count as part of our English heritage don't they?

8 out of 12...could do better, I think is all that can be said! Bit more effort required in March! Looking forward to seeing the new list!



  1. The photos you have managed to get are great.
    I especially like '5', and 'in the sky' is gorgeous - I love the reflection of the sunset on the car roofs!

  2. Ooooh, I've been on the platform waiting for the 6.30 London train from Norwich a fair few times! Love the humbugs, such a good idea, Ellen

  3. Great photos. Love the sky and 5. The humbugs look yummy too.

  4. Ah Norwich station, we've been there a fair few times over the years. I think quite a few of us found the Cupid one quite tricky this month.
    Lisa x

  5. I think cupid has been difficult for a lot of us! I love your 'in the sky' '5' and 'black and white'. I wonder what the March list will hold for us?:)

  6. What a beautiful sky. I loved your photos for 5 and black and white too.

  7. The ones you did find are great so maybe you don't need to take a ride on the fail whale after all. (The joys of teenagers.)

  8. I failed on Cupid too, and I set the damn thing!!! I love your sky, and the black and white is fab too!

  9. I think you did beautifully Sandra, and i absolutely LOVE "Norwich Station."
    Wonderful color!

  10. I like the black & white balls & Love Love ( one more & we have a famous song !)Your one for 5 is inspired !

  11. Great shots - love black and white!

  12. Lovely pics!!!
    have a nice day

  13. PS I hope you get a new camera one day Sandra. I received the camera for one birthday & the macro lens for the next ( would love a zoom lens ! ) Joe is going to take B'Tech Photography next year so can use my camera - and then teach me how to use it properly !


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