Saturday, 10 March 2012

discovering Spring...

This week we have seen a little bit of sunshine. Its amazing how a little bit if warmth and brightness lifts the spirits and, in my case at any rate, prompts activity.

I spent a couple of hours 'pottering' in my little garden, a bit of pruning and tidying and general fiddling about very pleasurably. And I discovered a few things that made me think the winter is soon going to start fading - shining buds beginning to burst into leaf, fattening shoots on the daffodils and these crocuses in the grass...

I don't know which I like best, the almost pure white ones, that, when you look closely, have very fine lilac veins on the petals or the more open petalled purple ones. Both are very welcome little splashes of colour.

I also discovered that my tiny patch of 'outdoors' doesn't get much sun at all! I think it does face south-east but one of the disadvantages of living in the city centre is that there is a fair amount of shade from surrounding houses. There is one small corner that had sunshine for a few hours and the back of next doors shed was lit up for a bit...I'm hoping as the year goes on and the sun gets higher in the sky I might eke a bit more sunshine.

Undeterred, and spurred on by the blue skies, I did buy a packet of 'Seeds for Kids' (I am counting myself as a kid here...!) - I'm going to try to grow my own bright places - sunflowers, nasturtiums, marigolds and viola. Fingers crossed (and the neighbourhood moggie permitting!) I might have lovely things to look at later in the year.

I am missing my old garden - I know there there will be hyacinths and bluebells appearing and a big patch of daffodils under the fruit trees, plus more Spring shoots than you can count...

But Spring is happening in the city too, and there are lovely, different things to find here - just have to remember to keep looking for them.

Next time, I hope to have finished my little stools' makeover... thanks for the suggestions about paint colours. I went for white in the end, partly because it seemed right and partly, if I'm truthful, because I got such a shock at the price of paint that I decided to go with the time of white gloss I had in the cupboard already! Going to go and stitch the first cover in place now!!



  1. These photos are stunning!!!
    Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely

  2. I have the opposite problem with most of my garden - too much sun! Autumn is just starting here, I hate autumn! My cherry plum tree lost its leaves some months ago, goodness knows why, and today I spotted a lonesome blossom on one of its twigs. It hardly blossomed at all when it was supposed to and now it has one tiny little one a whole six months early. What is going on???
    Good luck with your flowers. The reason they call them Seeds for Kids is supposedly because they are easy to grow and bright and colourful. Let's hope they are!
    xXx Helen

  3. How wonderful to have those flowers popping up in your yard!! I'm with you on Seeds for Kids!! :) I love cookbooks for kids, too.....they give lots of photos!! ;)

    There is beauty and nature in the city...we just have to look for it and appreciate it when we see it! :)

    I'm excited to see your stools redo!!

  4. Hopefully you will find as the days lengthen and the sun rises higher in the sky that you will get more and more sunshine into your garden, the idea of planting sunny areas is a lovely one, hope the moggies let you succeed. xx

  5. The sunshine really does lift the spirits. I love your flower pics they are so pretty.
    I lOok forward to seeing your seeds growing into pretty flowers I'm sure you lovely patch will become a lovely floral patch


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