Sunday, 25 March 2012

makeover revealed...!

A few weeks ago I showed you the pair of rather hideous stools I had picked up courtesy of Freecycle. They were a bit grubby and dated looking and not altogether appealing but I thought they might be handy extras to have and up for a revamp.

I had thought I'd paint the wooden bits with a nice eggshell paint but had a bit of a change of plan when I went and looked at the cost of a tin of paint! I obviously haven't bought paint for a while but it sort of defeated the object of what was meant to be a freebies makeover, so in the end I plumped for the tin of white gloss that was lurking in the cupboard.

Cleaner and brighter, don't you think?

The tops were made from my stash of leftover stylecraft DK (I never quite use these up so always have a bagfull of colours...), on a 3.5mm hook rather than the usual 4mm to make the stitches a bit closer to make sure that gruesome brown was covered.

One I just did as rounds of double crochet stripes...

For some reason this went decidedly wonky and even with a bit of persuading when I stitched it on to the stool it stool looks a bit 'homemade' - oh well...!!

The other one got the little squares treatment...

I like this one best if I'm honest - I do love these simple little squares and I deliberately stitched them together with the bright raspberry colour to show through. Again, not entirely even when you look at it from this angle but I quite like that anyway.

I intended to store these away to just have as 'if needed' extra seats, but I'm happy with how they look and am enjoying just looking at them and (oh dear, is this a bit wierd?) just having a little feel of them at the moment, so have left them in my living room!

So finished article then?

And before and after shots?!

Sorry for the excessive number of pics but I am ridiculously pleased with these! Much nicer to look at I think?! 



  1. They look great! Much better than the old brown seats. Such a sense of achievement too, I imagine! I've done a similar thing with an old pine chair ...but I need to do another three!!! Oh dear!

  2. I think they look great. How did you get the brown cushions off to cover them? Or did you just slip cover over them and stitch into place? I'm a bit of an upholstery dummy, I wouldn't even attempt something like that, it would go directly to my "too hard basket"!
    xXx Helen

  3. These are just brilliant!!
    I love both the crochet covers- they brighten the stools up perfectly.
    Now I've got my eyes peeled for some stools in need of love ...!

  4. Sandra, these are WONDERFUL!!
    They will add so much cheer to any room.
    You surely did a beautiful job here.

  5. Oooohhhh they are both sooooo cute!!! :) You did a fantastic job!!! I really like that you did two different looks!! And don't even worry about that one looking wonky, it's perfect!! In all the times I've seen or made that design, there's always a twist to it and I think that's part of it's charm!! :) I'm in the middle of a chair redo and your seat covers are very inspiring as is the color!! I've been thinking white but wondered if it would be too stark, but I really like how yours looks!! Thank you!! :D

  6. Oh you should be pleased they look fabulous! Well done :-)

  7. Wow! They look amazing! Great job you. I too love the little squares one. i made a cushion in the round and round pattern and mine went wonky looking too.

  8. Great job Sandra, I love them both, although I love the little squares just a smidge more :) I made a crochet circle for my stool in the kitchen, it looks like a bulls eye and I still haven't painted the stool yet!
    xx Sandi


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