Thursday, 5 April 2012

enough already...!

Ok, cold can just disappear again please!

Last week we were enjoying lovely sunshine and although I accept it was unseasonally warm really, was it really necessary to revert to freezing cold winds and grey skies?

I appreciate that there are worse things than miserable weather and I know the land needs the rain but...I really, really need this winter to be over with thankyou! Today, I have been cold all day and as I am between knitting/crochet projects I am seriously considering a hot water bottle cover!!! Followed by a trip out at the weekend to purchase said hot water bottle!!!

Don't rate the chances of the lovely spring blossom lasting long in the cold snap...

This blue sky and blossom was only a week or so ago when it was warm enough to walk without a coat on!

I love these simple flowers and the fresh green of the leaf buds beginning to unfurl.

And last weekend, I was even able to sit out in my tiny square of sunshine with a cup of tea and a magazine...

(no significance to the open page here!! believe me they cannot sort my problems just now!!!)

Complete decadence last Sunday - I sat outside for an hour, painting my toenails, sipping my tea, enjoying my little seedlings and skimming through the magazine... 

Clearly, it is entirely my fault that this week the woolly socks have been back out and the toenails back in hiding!!!

I'm not trying to wish the year away but I have had enough of winter now...

Hope you're all keeping warm!


PS oh and thanks for all your comments...I do try to reply but don't always manage it (or at least not very promptly!) and a few of you are 'no reply' commenters so just wanted to say how much your comments are appreciated! xx


  1. Oh my goodness!! Those tree blossoms are SO pretty!!! And so Spring!!! I'm sorry your sun went away!! We've got plenty - come visit!!! :D

  2. Your Spring is like our Autumn, sunny, warm, cold, grey. But we don't have the beautiful blossom. Isn't it the best feeling to get the toes out after winter, it's like getting your toes into salty water at the beach.
    xx Sandi

  3. Flipflops to boots's mad isn't it ?!!! I planted out some plants which I decided to cover up (tucked them up for the night to keep them warm !) incase we had a frost & sure enough, next morning, hubby was out scraping the car windscreen before work.
    You look very relaxed there ! I like reading magazines like that waiting at the dentists !

    Happy Easter -I hope it heralds settled happy times for you - new beginnings x

  4. Beautiful blossoms on the tree. I've gone from sandals to wellies at the mo.

    PS I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Blog award x


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