Sunday, 22 April 2012

April showers...

Today has been one of those days when you just can't 'get out'. Well, I suppose I could have been out but all day there have been spells when big black clouds have darkened the sky and the heavens have opened. And when I say April showers, what I really mean is April downpours...the sort that drench everything even with the benefit of wellies and a brolly.

Yesterday was much the same except in between the rain the sun shone...

I'm not exactly sure what these plants are but there are lots of them in the garden and they seems to trap the drops of water...

Even on the vertical leaves, the droplets were clinging on.

Today it all just looks wet! And grey. Yuk.

So, I have stayed home and cleaned a bit and tidied a bit and caught up with phoning people I should have phoned before. One of the disadvantages of living alone (or maybe advantages? suppose it depends on whose opinion...) is that it is entirely possible to not say a word for a whole day. Sometimes I just want to speak out loud to make sure my voice is still functional!! Today I've had a bit of a sore throat and until I heard myself on the phone, I wasn't sure if I was going to be croaky!!! Oh dear, that sounds a bit barking doesn't it...

Anyway, thank goodness for phones and skype - at least I know now... :-)

I've also done a bit of nonsense knitting! Our charity group is having a jubilee party in June and some of the yarn that has been passed on to me is red, white and blue so I thought I'd make a few bits to go on the table top sale or in the raffle. This is my first little attempt...

You'll have to excuse the 'egg cup'! One of the things that didn't come with me! So I have to improvise with a little sherry glass. Quite a classy boiled egg receptacle I think. I thought I'd make a few of these little egg cosies - variations on a theme in terms of colours, I think. They don't take long and I think they are quite cute. 

Made me think about the funny things that are a bit traditional - we always had egg cosies as kids, ones that looked like chickens or ducks made out of felt I seem to remember, and I loved having my boiled egg like that. But kind of a bit odd - given that they don't really need keeping cosy as you eat them as soon as they are cooked!! Wonder where that tradition came from?

Anyway, will knit up a few more and hope they make some pennies :-)

One other photo I wanted to share - I just found this on my phone...

These finished a while ago now but I had forgotten how pretty they were, loving the stripy-ness.

Right, one more phone call to make then I am braving the weather to go to the cinema - going to see 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen'; I read the book ages ago and  loved it so hope the film doesn't disappoint.

Til next time then


  1. Hope you enjoyed the film. I love the egg cosy and I am sure they will make some money.

  2. Wonderful photos of the raindrops on the lush green leaves. We always had egg cosy's. I think we had soft boiled eggs & the cosy's kept them warm while mum made our toast & cut it into soldiers ( four of us ) so we could all start together ? not sure !
    Working at the charity shop we get some customers in just for a chat as they live alone. When I'm alone I talk to the cats & dog or radio !

    Hope you enjoy the film I'd love to see it too.


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