Sunday, 20 May 2012

walking off the blues...

I have learnt a lesson this week. My iphone doesn't much like taking photos in poor light!!

I think I must be losing the plot slightly, as I always have my camera with me...only this week I didn't. Twice. Hence the following fuzzy photos.

The Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2012 continues and on Wednesday evening I went to see Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal playing kora and cello in St Peter Mancroft church...

This is a beautiful church in the centre of Norwich and looked lovely as the daylight was fading. I didn't feel I could even attempt a photo inside the building but the concert was held by candlelight and the sound was absolutely stunning. The cello produced a rich, strong tone contrasted by the delicate music of the kora. I had never heard the kora before - the nearest I can describe it is a bit like the sound of a harp, but West African in origin. Really beautiful.

My other fuzzy photos come from a long walk on Friday evening. This was a bit of a stomp initially to be honest. I'd had a bit of a week at work, and got home at 7.30pm to find a letter from the council with a parking fine! The road I live on is permit holders only - I have paid for the permit but it appears that there are some bits of the road that even with a permit you can't stay for longer than 2 hours. The frustrating thing is that there is nothing either on the road signs or on the information that came with the permit - and I have parked in virtually the same spot on numerous occasions in the five months I've been living here. I think I'd have just put it down to experience if it had happened in the first couple of weeks but its very irritating now!

Anyway, I decided to walk my huff off and took off in the direction of the university and then on past to the woods where the bluebells were just beginning to show a few weeks ago. They are not as prolific as those in the woods near where I used to live but they were very pretty all the same...

These photos don't really do it justice - it was probably about 8.30pm by then with the light fading fast but the blue haze was lovely...

Not sure the walk entirely fixed my mood - by the time I got home again it was dark and raining! But I did enjoy the bluebells.



  1. Those bluebells are really pretty. I find a good stomp is good for fixing the mood, that or a good horse ride by myself into the forest....very calming :-)

  2. Lovely bluebell woods .... I find a good long walk is the best way to banish the gloom too.
    These councils are outrageous aren't they. They make it up as they go along. I was recently 'done' for driving in a bus lane which was non-operational at the time I was there.My letter of protest (and photographic evidence) didn't work, and I just haven't got the energy or will to take on a battle against them. So I just paid up ..... grr!
    Your photos are lovely, by the way! Have a good week!

  3. I had to walk off the anger after receiving a letter summoning us to court for non payment of council tax !!! Our Direct Debits have been messed up recently. I was furious !

    Bluebells are very calming !

  4. Sorry to hear you've had a bad week. Can you appeal against the parking fine, particularly if there are no signs up anywhere explaining the 'rules'?

    The bluebells look lovely - I was going to ask a colleague (who does a lot of walking) if she knew of any local bluebell walks, but I just never got around to it, so I'll have to try again next year!

  5. Oh no, sorry to hear about the fine! I would definately appeal, its not your fault if they don't make these things clear.

    I like the bluebell photos though, very pretty :) Its a shame you couldn't get a ticket for the Paper Cinema, they said they had a great couple of shows (and saturday was really quiet, ironically!) I hope you enjoyed the rest of the festival :)

  6. Beautiful colours. I am greeting

  7. Oh Sandra I think I would be writing a letter and explaining that you have never been told or that signage doesn't indicate that you cannot park in certain spots. Bluebells are so pretty, I love Spring and we are heading into Winter with only 14 deg tomorrow, brrrrrrr!!!!! Wow that 5 months has gone quick has it not.
    Take care lovely xoxo Sandi

    1. I tried Sandi, but to no avail!!! Seems when it comes to tackling the council, you are taking on a stubborn beast with which you cannot reason! Grr...


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