Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April photo scavenging...

April has been a bit of a rubbish month. I think its been a combination of the weather and work and too much 'stuff'. Suffice to say there seems to have been precious little opportunity to get out at all, never mind get out and take photos.

So, I have done very badly and can't post a complete set. Never mind, May is another month and I hope, we'll have some breaks from the rain and I might get my photo taking mojo back!

This month's meagre offerings...

Oh dear, had lots of ideas for this one - but didn't convert any to reality!


I thought there was something quite sad about this church entrance, which seems to say way in and keep out all at once. Such a shame that churches have to lock their doors now.

I can honestly say, without meaning to sound grouchy, I cannot think of anything that amazing in the last month - work, rain, empty house, work, rain...you get the picture. Obviously amazing things are happening all the time but think I've had my eyes shut! Suppose I could have snapped my little pots of veg growing in the garden - I do think seeds turning into plants is a bit amazing - but it has been so hard to get out there between the downpours or in daylight!!

Can't live without...

I debated with myself long and hard over this one!! I went through, in my head, all those things that you intuitively feel you can't live without...coffee, phone, belongings of whatever sort..., then I thought no, bit shallow, of course I could live without all those things. So I went off on a bit of an abstract train of thought - family, home, love, laughter...so many things but the last few months have taught me that, whilst these things absolutely put the joy and 'quality' into life, in fact it is completely possible to exist without things that you never dreamt you could be parted from. I found this whole process a bit draining to be honest, I think I'm a bit prone to introversion at the best of times and maybe giving this one too much thought was a bad idea! So ultimately, I went literal and just snapped at something we have had plenty of this month - water!!!

On the move...

Seems to be a little rash of people trying to be 'on the move' near me...


Somewhat reluctant model in the form of my lovely niece, and blurry phone shot (she was threatening to duck out of the way!!) but best I could manage...


Daffodils are synonymous with Spring to me and, although we have not had Spring sunshine, this bank of daffs on the castle mound still looked lovely.

Multicoloured, sticky, tangle...
No excuses here, I have lots of multicoloured stuff around and I'm sure I should have been able to come up with something for the other two - like I say, have been pants at taking photos recently!


Yummy Easter chocolates, given to me by a good friend - these were a complete indulgence, I think I ate nearly all of them myself!! Very greedy!! I have plans for this clever concertina box...

Feel I should put a blank frame here! I seem to have been a bit lacking in this!!!

50% completion. Must try harder!! 

Have just reread this post - I think it probably does represent how I've felt this month! Too much grey, cold and wet - I'm sure I am one of those people who needs sunshine to keep positive! Perhaps I should consider emigrating to warmer, sunnier climes...! Glad to say goodbye to April, hoping for a brighter May.

Off to look at Kathy's May list now, need to set myself a bit of a completion target I think!!

Til next time,

Oops, just remembered I forgot to add a link to Kathy's blog - thanks as always for the inspiration!


  1. Well I like the ones you did get, especially the water one.

  2. Nice shots - love Spring!

  3. Great photos, chocolate yum.

  4. Woo hoo - love seeing Norwich! I missed the daffodils around the Castle this year so it's particularly good to see them. Let's hope for a much brighter May, Ellen x

  5. Nice to see Norwich Castle - I remember visiting years ago. Like you I chose water as my 'can't live without'. Great photos:)

  6. Lovely photos, a couple of places I recognise too!

  7. Well despite only doing half, the ones you did were lovely! I'm intrigued as to what you'll do with the choccie box!!!
    I did water for 'can't live without' for the same reasons! Everything else seemed shallow! Love your daffs!

  8. Great photos - shame you didn't complete the list but is hasn't been a good month for it! I would have struggled without all my playground photos I think! I spent the almost the entire month indoors, except for going to work as the weather has been so inspriring. I love your in/out photo and what a great chocolate box - I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

    Better luck for May - hopefully the weather will improve soon!

  9. What a wonderful selection of photos. There are so many things that fall under the category of can't live without! Love your niece's smile and I couldn't get anyone to pose for me!

  10. Those chocolates look divine. I thought about my car as can't live without but then I chose books because if it really comes down to it, I can always walk.

  11. Nice to see the castle in there :)

  12. Here's hoping that your life is filling up with sunshine now that May is here ~ I did enjoy seeing your choice of photos ~ lovely smile, and I'm also wondering what you have planned for that concertina box! Hope you share what you do (now that you've eaten all the chocs ;))

  13. Those chocolates do look like pure indulgence, what a lovely friend you must have.
    I had a similar train of thought on the can't live without one which led on to indulgence and amazing too!
    Lisa x

  14. The one or two scavenger hunts I've seen so far have been incomplete too ! What a month.
    I think I might have indulged too !

  15. Lovely photos. I could really indulge in those yummy choccies

  16. GReat photos, I like the Spring one. I'm wondering where that castle is.


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