Sunday, 3 June 2012

Photo hunting May 2012...belatedly!

I did actually manage to take all the photos for the May list from Kathy (Postcards from the PP) in the month of May but didn't find time to actually post them! So a few days late here they are...

Good things...

There is a small bakery just down the road from me. I don't eat a huge amount of bread but occasionally I treat myself to something from there and the day I nipped in for this it had just come out of the oven. It was so warm I had to keep switching it from one hand to the other as I walked home, even wrapped in its paper bag! I cannot tell you how good the smell was - so much so that I just had to eat a piece as soon as I got back!!! Yum!

Small packages...

This little parcel was for my Mum's birthday and contained a sweet pair of vintage jade earrings I found in a 'treasure' shop; it loosely calls itself 'antiques and collectables'! Not much in the way of true antiques there but all sorts of discarded unwanted stuff - much of it a bit grotty but some of it lovely. Always good for a mooch...!


I've walked past this amazing wisteria a lot in the last few weeks and the fragrance, especially in the evening has been quite intoxicating. Beautiful.


Norwich train station - of course... Couldn't come up with anything more imaginative than this I'm afraid.


I've never been very good at the whole wine appreciation malarky - well, I do appreciate it (!) but I couldn't be very specific about the grape, or the 'hints of...' I just know some I like better than others (complete heathen of course!). However, I'm pretty sure this red did have a good nose...! It went down very nicely... 

Front page...

Unless you had your head firmly in the proverbial sand it would be just a bit difficult to ignore certain events this year! This is our local freebie paper's take on things..!


I have so many knitting needles! When I was taking these photos for an earlier post I realised I had 9mm and old-style imperial No 9s together here. You've got to love knitting on 9mm... speedy!!


Tom's 'Giddy Giraffe' smoothie - can't quite remember what was in it, definitely mint and lime, and I think passion fruit...whatever, it was delish!


It struck me that a lot of the time my main form of currency these days is plastic - I have a purse full of plastic cards of one sort or another and often no cash at all!!


Part of the old city wall - lots of historic buildings and structures locally are built with flint stones. I love the texture and ruggedness of them. And I also love that these tiny plants can somehow find a tiny hold and take root there.


I took so many pictures of yellow things last month but out walking one day this made me stop and smile. There is a lot of municipal planting in Norwich and the theme this year, at least in terms of spring bulbs, was very much with the pink, white and dark purple varieties (can't decide if this is a close call to the patriotic red, white and blue?). So this one rogue yellow tulip rather 'stood out from the crowd'! Whoops.

Do you see what I see? 

Blue sky! And sunshine! We have had such a lot of grey, dull days that when we had a succession of days with gorgeous clear blue skies it seemed worth recording! Of course, now normal weather service seems to have been resumed with almost continuous rain today - but this was lovely while it was here!

So that's my lot for May, thanks as always to Kathy for the inspiration - I'm off to look at some other hunters finds and to see what's on the list for June!!

Til next time...



  1. Hi there ~ thanks for commenting on my photo hunt, and thought I'd swim over the pond to see yours :) I wouldn't have been surprised if you had a parade following you and the fresh bread! Great choices for photos - the yellow tulip does stand out, doesn't it? Love your old rock wall with the plant tendril. Good take on the 'nose', and plastic currency. #9 Knitting needles also smart thinking. Loved all of them!

    1. Thanks, that bread was delicious! Thanks for popping by and commenting :-)

  2. your good things! I did Wisteria too doesn't it smell wonderful at this time of year. Love your 'nine' and station too:)

    1. I hadn't ever really thought of wisteria as a particularly fragrant flower before - guess I've never had one in the garden and not paid too much attention! But on mass like this its unmissable!

  3. Great pics. Esp like historic, can you see what I see and front page

  4. Hi I don't live far out of Norwich but it's lovely to see your photos of places which are so familiar but I don't usually see the beauty in them. Doesn't the train station look grand? I really enjoyed all of them.

    1. I always think its fun to see your local area through someone else's eyes - we all look at different things don't we. And I agree, never think of the station as grand but it does look it when you take a step back!

  5. What a clever yellow tulip getting in that display ! Oh the Wisteria is stunning. I planted one at my old house which started to flower after we moved ! The flint walls are lovely too.

  6. I love your take on 'nose'!
    I think I would have been picking at that bread on the walk home, it looks delicious.

  7. A lovely set of photos, I like the historic and your take on currency.

  8. Hi Sandra,
    What a wonderful selection of photos. I like your currency and nose it's a different take on everyone else.

  9. Great photos! Nothing beats still warm fresh bread from the bakery - yum. I like 9 and nose too.

  10. You've had some great ideas this month, so many different to the rest of us too - like nose and currency! I love your yellow and the historic wall. The bread looks so good!

  11. Sandra, I just love your photos for the prompts.
    Especially the wisteria.
    And the bread??
    I swear I can smell it from here!

  12. Great group of photos I like 9 shot lots of fun.

  13. That must be the St Giles wisteria! I always seem to get there when the trees are laden with buds or yellowing flowers. ooops. It's such a great display and a real landmark - great to see it by proxy!
    Ellen x

    1. Spot on with the wisteria! I walked past it a lot this year and it was just gorgeous x

  14. Yummy, that bread looks delicious and couldn't help noticing your very pretty granny squares.

    1. the bread was good!! thanks for popping by and saying hello x

  15. Lovely selection of photos - love your take on nose and the knitting needles but also my mouth watered over the good things - fresh bread Mmmm. P.x


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