Saturday, 9 June 2012

things I enjoy...part 2...

I think I am quite a simple creature really - don't know if everyone who knows me would agree, I think I drive them nuts some of the time...

But in terms of things that make me smile and feel life can be good, little things do it for me. I don't need flashy things - although if anyone is offering diamonds or luxury holidays I might revise that comment...!! On the whole, a lovely walk, early mornings, close family time and reassuring affection is enough. And flowers...

For the last six months I have tried to have fresh flowers in the house all the time. I have spent very little money, some have been gifts, some have been late supermarket bargains, but the pleasure I get from these little sploshes of colour around the place is immeasurable. So this post is a reflection on flowers that have brought a smile to my face in the last few weeks...

This beautiful red rose is flowering in my teeny front garden at the moment - disappointingly lacking in fragrance but makes up for it in these gorgous blowsy blooms.

Sweet williams from the bargain bin that have lasted well over a week - they remind me of the cottage garden of a favourite great aunt and uncle from my childhood, where after an afternoon playing outside we were allowed to have crisp sandwiches... (I know, sounds revolting, but as a kid I thought it was fab, particularly as they weren't ever on the agenda at home!!)

Pretty chrysanthemums, more special because they were given to me by visiting middle son and girlfriend last weekend.

My 'bits that broke off/were too short to go elsewhere' vase! I like to have just a flower or two on my kitchen window sill - either odd short stems like these or a single stem in a bottle. Apart from anything else, I am completely rubbish at throwing flowers away while there is a hint of life in them, so ths is where the trimmed down ones often end up for a few more days!

Delicate lisianthus (badly photographed in poor light!!) given to me by a very lovely friend who had sensed I was a bit down in the dumps and turned up with dinner, these and a half bottle of Moet!!!

Hoping you have lovely things in your lives too :-)



  1. Lovely to have flowers around and crisp sandwiches sound divine. I used to have a friend whose father was Dutch & we would have coloured sugar strand sarnies !
    What a lovely pick-me-up from your friend x

    1. That reminds me - my Mum (who thought the crisp sandwiches were the ultimate in awfulness!) was a bit of a sugar sandwich fiend on the quiet... x

  2. You can't beat a crisp sandwich! Flowers really brighten up your day don't they?

    1. seems a few of us enjoyed the crisp sandwich thing! May have to try that again sometime...?! Just love having flowers around x

  3. I love Sweet Williams .... they take me right back to my childhood garden. xxx

  4. Oh I have that exact same little vase, and I too do exactly the same as you, I still have two carnation flowers that broke off and have tiny stems in that same vase since Mother's Day early in May. Yep I keep flowers until they really have had their day. I used to eat 'crisp' rolls at school for morning recess, loved them. Hope the sun is shining for you.
    xxo Sandi

  5. I've been nominated for the Sunshine Award and I would like to pass it on to you. The details can be found on my blog.
    xXx Helen

  6. Just wondering the same as Sandi - hope you're ok and just too busy to blog!

    Michelle xx


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