Monday, 16 July 2012

Catching up: part 1 - bunting and birthdays...

I have a couple of weeks away from work last week and this so I am on a mission to catch up... with all those things that get put to the back of the priority list - I had a ton of letters etc to sort through, badly needed to blitz the house, friends and family to catch up with and I have a whole lot of things I wanted to just log on here.

The crucial bits I have dealt with now, so feel its ok to start trying to remember what I've been up to and where on earth I took those photos...! This may be a bit disjointed, you have been warned!

I did take some of the June scavenger hunt photos but didn't manage them all and didn't get around to posting them so thought I'd just include a few of them, more because they remind me of what was happening in June than anything else. Jubilee fever pretty much the order of the day!

Union Jack bunting seems to have been everywhere...

Jubilee celebration events...

Possibly a teeny bit over the top on the crown theme???!

Call me old fashioned, but I actually quite like our bright red postboxes with their years of layers of paint! I still love getting proper letters through the post (rare event though it is), which reminds me - when did I last post anyone a letter just because...?

Patriotic baking...

And more bunting!!!

My birthday was in June and my lovely friends and family managed to drag out the celebrations for me! The weekend before I was treated to a weekend in London with so many lovely things laid on I forgot to take photos of much of it and those I did were mostly phone photos, but here is a slightly blurry taster...

Afternoon tea at the Halkin Hotel, Belgravia - dressing up essential!! Pink champagne...

Posh tea (wish I could remember what this was! Something like an oolong tea, I think - delicate and fragrant and delicious)...

Seriously pretty food... but honestly, between two of us??!! Even taking our time this was a bit excessive!

The view from our window, blue sky!!! Had to document this rare event!!!

Such beautiful cakes - like mini works of art, almost seemed a shame to eat them! Almost...

After tea we took a long, leisurely, slightly giggly (afternoon champagne!!!) walk to St Martins Theatre...

I have wanted to see The Mousetrap for the longest time - it has something of a complete culture about it and I was a closet Agatha Christie fan for years. Devoured every book in my early teens and loved them all! I was beyond excited - practically jumping up and down!! We had great seats, thoroughly enjoyed the show and are now part of the 'club'!!!

To finish the evening we decided cocktails in the OXO tower bar on embankment were a must so excuse the blurry photos but two Raspberry gin daisies later...

Truly lovely day, with a very generous and lovely friend!

Next morning, after a slightly essential greasy breakfast and copious glasses of water (what was in those cocktails?!!!) we headed into central London on a mission to upgrade my iphone! This was an infinitely quicker process in London than in Norwich and not many minutes later I was up and running. Never used to get excited about gadgets but I do love my Apple gadgets and the iphone 4 has advantages over its predecessor - not least a better camera! We spent a fun couple of hours at the Victoria and Albert Museum, taking in, among other things the ballgown exhibition on there at the moment - probably a bit philistine but we decided that amongst the rather beautiful dresses were some pretty hideous ones and our preference was actually for the rather classic shapes. Probably just as well I am never likely to have the money or the occasion to need a ballgown anyway!

It was a really fun trip and felt like a little holiday in two days - these things keep you going through the not so good times (which I am not going to give the value of airspace on my blog!!). Its all about the positive and moving forward at the moment - life is too short to be negative I've decided!

More birthday treats next time! I've been very lucky!

Til then,


  1. I love your post boxes too! What a fantastic birthday you had with your friend, I agree, times like that helps you get through the not so great. Thank goodness for good friends I say :) Hmmmm, must have been the Daisies or the Raspberries that did it hehe.
    Great to see you back.
    xx Sandi

  2. Looks like you had a fab time. The Mousetrap is great, isn't it? I saw it about 25 years ago. I'm a BIG AC fan. We're planning on seeing it next year for our youngest son's 18 birthday treat. He's quite partial to a bit of Agatha Christie too.

    Ruby x

  3. That looks like a wonderful trip, and not a rainy one either! I like the sound of the raspberry gin and the cakes look divine!

  4. A belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday to You!!!! :D What a fun thing to do, a girls trip to London!! And to see The Mousetrap!!?? Totally cool!! :) I read every Agatha Christie as well in my teens!! Great minds!!! haha!!!! And pink drinks and pretty desserts...I'm so envious!!! :D I'm so happy you had such a lovely birthday with a good friend!! (((hugs!!)))


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