Tuesday, 13 November 2012

a reason for knitting...

Time for an update on what I've been up to on the crafty front...

Progress so far on the wretched knitted squares blanket...

Apologies for the lousy quality of the photo - I have given up waiting for decent light in my living room. I think thats a forlorn hope - the downside of a city centre Victorian terrace (can't imagine how dark these houses must have been when they were first built and electric light was something of a luxury!) so this is as good as it gets I'm afraid. I think I'm about two thirds of the way there with the squares but soooo bored with it!! And have you seen how many ends there are??? Each square is knitted with double DK yarn - which means I think it will have a bit of substance when I finally get it done but also means each one has at least 4 ends, plus some where I've had to join balls in the middle! Usually I am fairly strict with myself about sewing ends in as I go but I had this bright idea that I would use some of the longer ends to join the squares... Now I'm not so sure and debating about just joining all with one colour...

Anyway, for the moment this is back in the bag until I can face the 50 odd more squares and I am playing with nice things to give away at Christmas. This has a twofold purpose - 1) it gives me something to do of an evening (hence the slog at the wretched squares blanket! even that is better than twiddling thumbs on your own!) - I have always been completely rubbish at just sitting watching TV and can happily while away an evening with a bit of 'something on the go' (as my mum used to say!) and 2) feels like a start on the Christmas shopping list. I am, of necessity, having something of a lean Christmas this year and I hope that the recipients will like their bit of something handmade. 

This is the Holden Shawlette, pattern available on Ravelry, but I found it via Yarn Round Hook's blogpost...

I've got to confess that the yarn was more accident than design - the colour selection in the bargain bin at John Lewis was a little restrictive! But this was lovely soft Rowan Cashsoft and at £2.50 a ball (scarf took just two balls) felt like a good buy. And I was thinking neutral might be good for giving away??? Hope the recipient likes it - this one is going to my sister (who I'm pretty sure doesn't read my blog...!!!)

Its a dead easy pattern, knitted on a circular needle but backwards and forwards and only took a couple of evenings, even accounting for the final 309 stitch rows plus the picot edging which feels as though its going to take forever! I'd quite like to do another in a variegated yarn...think the colours would be interesting, but I'm a bit rubbish with even remotely 'scratchy' woolly stuff round my neck and haven't seen anything in yummy colours that pass the neck test yet! (does anyone else do this? I have to just cuddle a ball of wool against my neck for a minute to see if I could bear it! The Rowan yarn did by the way but the colour's not really for me...!)

So, now I'm on to some lacy gloves for my Mum from the other balls of Rowan cashsoft I found in a sort of sage green (my Mum's an 'autumn' - so I'm told - so these sort of earthy colours are just her thing). I haven't knitted gloves for years and am enjoying the process - fiddly fingers and all. My only slight worry is that they seem to be coming up a bit on the big side... they are roomy on me, and my Mum has tiny hands!! I can't quite decide whether to direct this gift elsewhere... only the yarn colour and pattern were particularly chosen with Mum in mind... or whether to just hope that they'll be ok... Well, I've done one glove now so am kind of committed, guess I'll just have to make a decision when they're finished!

I may just do a bit of public knitting today - I have a couple of days off so am getting the train to Cambridge to meet my sister for lunch. I can't tell you how good it is not to be going to work!! Have been feeling a bit burnt out just lately so hoping a break will make me feel a bit better about things.

I am challenging myself to take some photos today so expect a bit of a 'Cambridge day out' post sometime in the not too distant future!

And finally, thanks for your comments on my last post - I am having complete emotional swings these days and it not only helps me get things in perspective to put something in writing but the positive thoughts coming across the web are very affirming somehow...

So til next time, then...



  1. What wonderful projects I really like your blanket and the colours, but knitting a square blanket my self I know it gets tedious! Love the scarf soooo pretty, I'm like you I just can't sit still and get bored watching tv so neeeeeed to do something, have a great day with your sister in Cambridge.

    1. Thankyou! Had a lovely day - will try to post about it soon :-)

  2. ooooohhhh that is lovely ! I'd wear it !

  3. Hello Sandra, gosh time is rushing by. Keep going with your squares as it is going to look fantastic when all sewn together, or maybe crocheted together. I love your shawlette, I could see me with one, so I had better go find the pattern hey!!! Hope you are well and not growing webb feet, seems to be very wet over there, whilst we are having a very warm spell.
    Take care xox Sandi

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Sandra - it is lovely to hear from old friends and I am glad to be back xx


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