Sunday, 2 December 2012

busy needles...

It seems to me that I have suddenly had a bit of a rush of productivity! I can't honestly say I have felt overly inspired with creativity but I clearly need deadlines and the 25th of this month provides a pretty imperative deadline!

Although my sock excitement has really nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with the fact that I just love this stripy yarn!

I am one and a half socks in, and currently alternating the 'can't really justify spending time on this project' with a couple of other 'really have to be getting on with' pressie makes! 

But I am loving this one sock!!

On the Christmas makes front... I have remade the gloves for my Mum...

I went for a much simpler pattern this time - I really couldn't face shrinking the lacy pattern I'd unravelled, too much counting and concentrating! These were based on a classic vintage bog standard glove pattern then I just added the cable panel, partly for interest (mine and in the finished article!) and partly to give the hand bit a bit more stretchiness. These are much smaller and I feel much better about giving them to Mum as I think they should fit well.

They do have that slightly wrinkly look you get from using wool that's been unravelled but I'm hoping that will even out a bit if I steam them and to be honest, don't think will matter too much.

My niece had put in a request for a bobble hat and I found a couple of balls of colourful chunky yarn that took no time to knit up. 

The colours have come out a bit pasty on here, they are much brighter in reality - no decent light to take pics in! There was enough yarn left to make a pair of wrist warmers too - they look a bit weeny next to the hat but I did them in rib so they have plenty of stretch in them; I was kind of guessing at sizes so wanted something that would fit without falling off. Hope these will do the job!

I'm currently working on an infinity scarf (or cowl I suppose, but I like the idea of an infinity scarf!) with some lovely soft Debbie Bliss Bella yarn - mix of cotton, silk and cashmere, courtesy of another rummage in the odds and sods bin. Its meant to be for someone else but am quite liking the look of it so far...!

We have had a couple of bright, albeit cold, days to lift the spirits this week. Lovely rainbow (badly captured with quick phone snap!) while Christmas shopping in Norwich...

And beautiful evening skies...

Now...enough faffing! Time to get on with the scarf, methinks!!

Til next time...


PS For some reason, since I had to pay for extra picture storage space last week I've been getting silly anonymous junk comments. So as I don't want those on here I've had to enable the option to moderate comments, see if that cures it!! Just in case you wondered...

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  1. Wow your knitting projects are awesome! I can't get my head round how you would even knit gloves!


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