Monday, 31 December 2012

New challenges...

With some trepidation, and knowing full well that I am unlikely to tick everything off this list, I am going to set myself some little challenges for 2013...

Some are a bit abstract and some may really seem pretty small, but they may just give me something to focus on through whatever life throws this way in the next 12 months! So here goes...

Photo challenge...
I have really got out of the habit of capturing and savouring all the little things that brighten life day to day, so this is a personal challenge to kick myself out of my inertia. 
  • I am going to allocate a couple of letters of the alphabet to each month and try to take as many photos as I can think of relating to that letter. I haven't quite thought this through but I guess I will then have to pick, say five, that I like best for each letter and post at the end of the month. Not sure how this will pan out but I'll give it a go, starting with A & B for January...
  • I am also tempted to revisit photo hunting - Sophie at Country Girl Does Norfolk hosts a list on her blog and I did enjoy doing it before so maybe...

Crafty stuff...
Think I need to attempt to finish a few projects this year!
  • The wretched knitted squares blanket - I can think of this no other way now, but I'm still hoping I'll enjoy it once I finally have it all together, whatever, it has to get done!
  • Cross stitch picture - have to confess this is an unlikely one - it was a kit present years (I mean years!!) ago and I was never particularly enamoured with the picture. But I really should finish it, if only so I can get rid of it somewhere!
  • Sort the stash! And maybe try to come up with some stash projects...
  • Baby blanket - I have a month or so post Christmas and given that I haven't started this yet may be a bit optimistic, but I would really like to do one for a good friend's first baby...
  • Infinity scarf - this is a cheat really, Christmas present that didn't get done in time so HAS to be finished ASAP!!

  • Go somewhere new each month
  • Try not to say no to things...
  • Find something positive in each day - even if its only a little thing! (maybe I should make a note of these? Otherwise its entirely likely that I won't remember to do it!!)
  • Catch up with some old friends - I don't want to write another lot of Christmas cards next year with "We really must get together this year!" Life is too short!
  • Find the best in people - hold that critical, impatient thought that rushes to the front of my mind and try to see things from another point of view...

  • Make an effort to find out about something new each month - it might be a new author, or a new genre of film, or a new skill, or something I feel I should know (you know the kind of thing, those 'everyone knows this' questions that come up in quizzes, makes me want to put my head under the table usually!)

I know there are going to be a whole lot more 'big' challenges which I don't want to even think about yet never mind put down in print, think I'll just let those happen as they do and try to apply a positive attitude to them!

I leave you with a candle or two to see this year out, I love the feel that candlelight gives a room and the first one smells heavenly...

Happy New Year! Cheers!

S xx


  1. I can relate very well to your challenges - good luck and a happy new year!

  2. Cheers to you too Sandra. I used your suggestion for the mosaic...Thank you :0)
    love Jacquie x

  3. Happy new Year Sandra, I have a "5 positive things" book, I write down 5 positive things each day - even if its just what we had for tea. Its great to look back on, too. Good luck with all your other challenges, I may join you in the photo one.
    Joy x x

  4. Happy New Year to you, what a great list I like go some place new each month and I have started a Scavenger Hunt on my Blog this month as this is a new thing I want to try and do, I would love it if you stopped by for a look. Greenthumb.

  5. It has just turned midnight there, so Happy New Year, I wish all good things for you, onwards and upwards.
    xx Sandi

  6. Wishing you and yours lots of blessings, love and light for 2013 xox Penelope. Thanks for your comments on my blog,always lovely to meet new people :o)

  7. Hi Sandra, I think these resolutions are really good, and they seem 'do-able'! I want to get back into taking photos too - I was thinking about trying to take a picture every day, but if I do I'll have to write down what it was (if it's not obvious) and when I took it. My mum bought me a little diary for Christmas, so I think I'm going to use it for that. I'm also going to try and record a 'positive' thing every day, or something I'm grateful for. Definitely want to do more crochet, but I really need to get some reading done too - my bookshelves are overflowing!
    Good luck with your resolutions - Happy New Year!!

  8. Happy new year I look forward to seeing your photos a d fished projects. All the best for 2013

  9. Good luck with the above which all sound so positive. Hope it is a happy new year for you x


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