Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Monday moments...

Some days are full of little things that make you smile. Monday was one of those. A mixture of doing and hearing things that felt good.

From my naughtily unseasonal post-Christmas blues prevention tulips...

And equally unseasonal roses... a phone call from my middle son to say that, finally, his student loan has come through! Only a term late!!!

Then a phone call from youngest son to say that he has got a job! Not a full time job and not something either he or I can see him doing for a career but a commitment to some regular hours each week (he's been working in retail when he doesn't know from one week to the next whether he will get no hours, 4 hours or 20 - awful for planning to do anything) and just such a boost to his confidence which has been at such a low ebb. I hope it will just give him a chance to feel a bit more independent and some time to think about what he really wants to do.

I attended my local blood donor session and (hurrah!) was able to donate for the first time in about 18months. I have chronically low iron levels and have been persistently just the wrong side of their threshold for being able to donate, so it has become a bit of a 3 monthly anaemia check! But I've obviously eaten some of the right things over Christmas and felt very virtuous when I was reminded this was my 41st pint!!

And to top the day, on a bit of a whim, a friend and I went out for a bite to eat at a little cafe/bar we've been eyeing up for a while. It had a lovely atmosphere - unpretentious tapas type dishes, quirky decorations and board games you could get out and play. Oh and a couple of glasses of very manageable Tempranillo... We think we might make it our 'local'....!! I have some friends who are definitely positive people and others who have a bit of a knack of bringing you down - this was a fun positive, full of laughter, night which made me think that's what I need more of!! 

I don't know why my stairs were so steep and wobbly when I got home though... ;-)



  1. That's good news for your sons, I to have low iron and can not donate blood any more.

  2. Those stairs can be dangerous...

    :) Helen

  3. Loving your flowers, so pretty, it is so hot here even inside that flowers just droop and die. Does the bowl with the cinnamon sticks in smell lovely, I can imagine that it would, sort of Christmassy. Luckily I don't have stairs these days :)
    xx Sandi


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