Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Next steps...

How difficult is it to describe your home of 20 years to an estate agent? After weeks of spending pretty much any time I've not been at work going back to my 'old' house to paint, clear, garden and tidy, today was finally D-day. The 'property listing manager' (estate agent, surely??!) came with his clipboard and camera and inspected the home we made and brought our boys up in with the necessary detached charm that I guess has to go with the job. Next week, we are officially up for sale.

I felt compelled to take my own photos, just for my memory's sake and to try to capture some of the memories walking round with a stranger evoked. It was difficult to be enthusiastic about the 'lovely farmland views' or the 'double aspect kitchen' - I wanted to say, never mind that! This is the place that the boys learned to ride bikes and where noisy birthday parties happened!

It's nothing special in terms of bricks and mortar...

Ex-local authority, extended before we moved here, but with 'ample parking' - enough to accommodate New Years Eve parties and family get togethers.

The kitchen has been the hub of the home - where the boys spent hours with playdoh and learnt to cook for real...

Where homework was pored over and as many as could be squeezed round the table for Christmas and birthday meals...

And in the lounge, we've played games and opened presents and snuggled on the sofa...

This isn't a 'sun lounge'... it's the room that was once painted a shade of turquoise to look like summer sea, with sea creatures I spent days painting all round the walls and a blackboard that saw much creative activity. It was a room filled with noise and lego and train sets. Where boxes became cars and houses and shops. Where the boys and their cousins entertained us with 'shows'. Before much later evolving into a teen den, with a pool table and a guitar, a secondhand playstation attached to a battered old TV with room for singing and dancing. 

This is the room my youngest son was born in, 20 years ago almost to the day...

And where all 5 of us have sat amidst a pile of wrapping paper and stockings to see what Father Christmas had brought.

How do you distill all these things into the number of power points and the size of the rooms? 

But I think it is time for this house to be filled with other children and happy sounds. We do need to take that next step and move on with the rest of our lives. So I'm trying not to feel sad and reminding myself this is a positive step forward. The memories are in my head and my heart and if I've learnt anything over the last couple of years its that wherever you happen to be living, and whatever material things are around you, you don't have to dig too deep to retrieve precious moments. 

I'm just hoping the promised boost to the housing market works in our favour. I'm not sure how long I want to be cleaning and gardening from afar to keep things looking tidy for people to look round. A quick sale would be best all round.

Its just a house, after all...


  1. Hi Sandra, just catching up with your latest posts . Your home is looking lovely and hopefully you will get a quick sale so you can all move on.
    Your memories are special and they are not going to be lost when the house is sold. Loved your holiday pictures too.
    Jacquie x

    1. Thanks Jacquie, nice to hear from you. Have had one viewing already! So fingers crossed... x

  2. What a lovely post, and so true about the memories wishing you a speedy sale xx

  3. Hope you get the quick sale you want, you have put so much work into you home and it looks wonderful.

  4. Your hard work has paid off but you must have mixed feelings finally putting the house on the market.
    Yesterday I bought a canvas which reads; " A House is made from walls and beams... a home is made from hopes and dreams "
    Your bricks and mortar are filled with love and it's a lovely thought that another family will gather & enjoy all the things you did.

    1. Definitely mixed feelings Penny - I'm not sure I know what to think! I feel like my emotions change with the wind at the moment. That is a really lovely little saying and one I will keep in mind. I think everything will feel better once I can start properly making a new home - I don't feel very permanent where I am at the moment and its difficult to feel a real connection to it.
      But we've had one viewing already so who knows...

  5. So many good memories I'm sure....but even more yet to made. It is such a pretty house, I can't imagine it not selling quickly. Good Luck!!


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