Sunday, 15 September 2013


I had every intention of whipping up a big pile of crochet triangles to contribute to the colourful yarnfest about to happen at Yarndale in Skipton, Yorkshire. I had even made tentative plans to go - I have a good friend who has just moved to Harrrogate and we had entertained thoughts of a catch up. But events of the last few weeks/months have rather overtaken me and in the end I only managed a paltry few triangles...

Anyway, I have sent them up to Yorkshire in any case and hope they will be a little extra addition to the mountain of bunting that seems to be amassing up there. Looking forward to seeing the pictures, maybe I'll make it next year...

And...I almost don't dare to say it...but looks like we have a buyer for the house... Subject to all the usual survey, contracts etc etc but its very possible that my connection with my former home will be over in all bar my mind in the next few weeks. Bizarre mixture of relief, sadness and sheer terror at the amount of sorting and packing there is yet to do...

May be absent from blogland for a bit!

S x


  1. Love the look of you bunting, good luck with the house sale.

  2. Lovely bunting. Fingers crossed your sale goes through quickly and smoothly.

  3. Hi Sandra, your triangles are lovely, sorry you can't make you say, maybe next year.
    Hope all goes well with the house sale.
    Jacquie x

  4. Very pretty bunting. I have just taken some summer bunting down to replace with lights for the darker evenings.

    Hope all goes well over the next few weeks x

  5. Your bunting is lovely and no doubt well received. Best of luck with the house sale, the next chapter of your life. Hope all is well with you.
    xx Sandi

  6. Good luck with the house sale... Lookie forward to seeing blog post about your new home once you have settled :-)

  7. Hi Sandra, hope everything is going well with you. I went to Yarndale on Saturday and saw all the amazing bunting. I couldn't remember what yours looked like, but now that I've just re-read this post, I'm sure I saw some like yours, with a little flower in the middle!

    You've got important things going on now, but hopefully this time next year you'll be feeling a lot more settled and will be able to make that trip up to Yorkshire!

    Michelle xx


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