Sunday, 9 February 2014

things that have made me smile this week...

This week has seen some bizarre weather again. We have alternated between bright sunshine and pouring rain; and on Tuesday we had both. At the same time! I was dashing to my car on Tuesday in a heavy downpour but bright sunshine - very weird, you expect the sky to be full of dark clouds. And then as I looked around the corner, there they were plus this stunning double rainbow...

It was so bright that it was reflected in the puddles on the path and in the windows and the double arc reached right down to the ground on both sides. You can see how sunny it was from the shadows on the path, even in my hastily snapped pic on my phone.

I was heading to our patient support group meeting where our speaker for the day was a florist doing demonstrations of arrangements on a film theme. Red, white and blue for 007, 'Man with the Golden Gun'...

Red (ish! more orange really!), white and green for 'The Italian Job'...

...and red and gold, with a spiders web, for Harry Potter's broomstick...

They were beautiful flowers and the florist is very clever at putting these arrangements together, talking all the time, but if I'm completely honest... I think I prefer the simplicity of these...

This week's flowers from the market on my window sill, which make me smile every morning.

And this makes me smile every evening...

Not new, of course, these blankets have moved twice with me now, but the advantage of a bed to yourself is that, as a cold body, I can throw as many bright blankets on together as I like. And, I can have my book and bag of crochet in semi-permanent residence!

Yesterday, I discovered something of a treasure trove, in the form of a giant warehouse of 'antiques & collectibles' in the site of the old Looses cookshop on Magdalen Street, fabulously called Looses Emporium. It is a series of huge rooms on two floors absolutely stuffed with unwanted, house clearance furniture, china and all manner of anything...

It's completely chaotic, and some of the furniture is difficult to see under all the other stuff, but I spent best part of an hour just wandering around and looking. There is, of course, a complete mixture but I love the fact that all this stuff has had another life and I can see myself heading back here fairly regularly! (well, its only about 5 minutes walk away...)

And I did pick up this simple little shelf which I felt sure I could give a new lease of life...

My only problem is that it turns out it is next to impossible to drill into a flint wall, so the place I had in mind for it might present a challenge! Off to find out if there is anyone clever at the DIY shop who can tell me how to get round it!

Fingers crossed...

S x


  1. Your windowsill and the view out into the courtyard is so lovely.
    I spend hours in Looses, and do you know they have a fleamarket upstairs on Saturdays? Also have you been into Aladdin's Cave just along the road near the flyover? You're so lucky to live so closeby, I have to drive there - mind you at least I then have the car if I buy anything large.

  2. Lovely photos - the rainbow looks even better on blogger, the colours are brighter here than 365 - I love that shot! The shelves were a nice find, I hope you can find a way to put them up.

  3. What a great photo of the rainbows.

    1. thanks, they did look amazing :-)

  4. Double rainbow...swoon! What a cute little shop. I love shops that you have to plunder through to find a treasure. That shelf it so cute! Hope you have a lovely week.

  5. I hope you get that great little shelving unit up ! Your flowers are the best. Could do with a double rainbow here today !

    1. 3 drill bits later, and a fair bit of 'harrumphing' and they are up! They are even straight-ish :-D x


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