Thursday, 19 February 2015


I had a sudden need to just get out today, so. in spite of the persistent drizzle, I resumed my trips to the coast, North Gap at Eccles-on-Sea next on my list.

I have to confess that although I'd never visited the beach there, the village has never been a favourite of mine - an odd collection of dwellings that have a slightly shabby look about them. They are grouped just behind the dunes along a network of unmade roads that could win prizes for their potholes!

Perhaps I didn't give it a very fair assessment today because it certainly was pretty bleak, but this is not the most welcoming approach to a beach...

I think this is all part of the sea defences here; when you see how close the properties are to this point I guess this is unsurprising but it did feel a bit like I was walking into Alcatraz.

It opens straight onto a sandy stretch of beach with the rocky defences off the Sea Palling coast in the distance in one direction...

and the concrete barrier supporting the dune towards Happisburgh in the other direction...

The sky had a completely washed out feel - the kind of day that drains the colour out of everything, leaving the sea looking murky. At the water's edge the beach becomes very shingly... 

with great swathes of washed up seaweed strewn across the tide line...

Sometimes these piles of seaweed are mingled with bright reds and greens but today, even this just looked dull and brown...

I have to confess that I wasn't blown away by Eccles beach. It was cold and wet and generally uninspiring. Perhaps its only redeeming feature that it is a bit out of the way so was deserted (probably because all the sensible people were in the warm at home!!). I didn't hang around, by the time I was heading back to the car my camera lens was speckled with rain but you get a feel for just how close the houses are - this is just outside the flood gates looking inland...

Looking back towards the coast, the sea is literally the other side of the narrow dune in the background - I would guess a distance of no more than 100m behind this bungalow...

I'm sure on a brighter day this place might have a nicer feel to it but I don't think I will be returning to this one, much nicer spots along our long stretch of Norfolk coast.

Sorry, Eccles, but was quite glad not to have wasted a beautiful day ticking this one off the list! And I did blow a few cobwebs away up there. Just need a bit of Spring sunshine to pick me up a bit...

Next time maybe...


  1. Hi Sandra, still great to get out and see somewhere different....even if only to tick it off your list.
    I do hope you get some sunshine very soon. I wish my spirits weren't so linked to the light levels, but sadly they are.
    Spring is coming.
    Jacquie xxx

    1. oh mine too! the challenges that come our way just seem so much more difficult when the days are so gloomy and cold. But you are right, Spring is on the way... xx

  2. I see what you mean about that particular beach - it doesn't look the most welcoming of places and you've been to far nicer ones. I'd love to live close to the sea but that bungalow seems a little too close! x

    1. definitely too close! I think it must be pretty bleak when the wind is blasting in off the North Sea. And the last couple of years have seen huge chunks taken off this coast with big tidal surges. I'm happy to drive a little way there! x

  3. It doesn't look very inspiring, does it? Though to be fair, not many places do look good on such an awful day. Take care, Kathy (longing for spring)

  4. I like your photos of the beach even though it was a gloomy day. I recently made the decision to visit the coast once a month to recharge the batteries, and I hope to do as well with my photos. I've added myself to your list of followers.

  5. They do look precariously close to potential disaster!!

    1. The ones at Happisburgh and Walcott even more so! Must be absolutely soul destroying to see your home eaten up by the sea.


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