Monday, 16 February 2015

thoughts on birthdays...

Today, my eldest son is 26... I'm not quite sure how so much time has passed since this amazing bundle of new life was handed to me. I remember feeling that I didn't quite know what I was supposed to do or feel but that there was a powerful and intuitive desire to protect him and nurture him. Twenty two years old and slightly terrified.

Life is not easy. Challenges are thrown at us along the way and our ability to manage those challenges is what makes us stronger people. Sometimes I do better at that than others. This boy has dealt with his own issues - childhood illness & lifelong dietary restrictions, the range of 'stuff' they have to deal with through school years, learning to live independently and travelling...
He loves his family, cats and the outdoors, has had his heart broken and has friends who will be there for life...
At each stage, my heart has been in my mouth much of the time, a mixture of pride and fear and complete and unconditional love. I admire his resilience and his principles. At times, I have been frustrated by the rashness of youth! I don't think the desire to protect ever goes and if I could save any of my sons having to deal with pain and difficulty I would.

Today, at 26, my boy is coping with admirable maturity, courage and strength with illness that has been life-threatening for someone he loves. It isn't something you expect to deal with in your twenties but he seems to be doing ok.

Happy birthday, lovely boy xxx


  1. He sounds like a son to be proud of. Such lovely photos of the birthday boy. x

  2. What a lovely post. I hope he reads it. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man who gives you much to be proud of.

  3. A fine young man to be proud of x

  4. What a gorgeous post, so full of love x

  5. Happy birthday to your son - I bet he's sooo pleased at you putting his baby photos online for all to see! ;-) And best wishes to the person (his partner?) who is ill - I hope they make a full recovery very soon xx

  6. What a wonderful post Sandra, he looks a handsome young handsome and sounds like a son to make a mum proud xx


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