Thursday, 5 March 2015

'city of perspiring dreams...'

Apparently this term was coined as a counterpart to Cambridge's rival city Oxford, the 'city of dreaming spires'. I quite like it, sounds somehow as though more effort goes into the dreaming in Cambridge, more grounded...
Though in reality, both are lovely cities with beautiful buildings and a different level of eavesdropping (not many 'football TV' type pubs near me where the neighbouring table of young lads are earnestly discussing the economy!). 

For a myriad of reasons we decided to get out of the county last weekend and took a day trip to Cambridge, with the intention of visiting the snowdrops and orchid displays at the botanic gardens combined with a bit of lazy lunch and shopping.

The gardens didn't disappoint, even with the slight drabness of winter it is a lovely space and the snowdrops were almost luminous in the spring sunshine...

I would love to come back here at different times of the year - there are seasonal gardens, a fragranced garden, sensory gardens, even a whole area full of lavenders which must be stunning in early summer. 

There are some beautiful trees...

and it is easy to forget you are within easy walking distance of the busy city centre.

It is, of course, a part of the university, and there was a bit of science there too - the techy stuff behind living walls was interesting, very clever...

Sadly our trip was a little shortlived as there was a bitter wind blowing that threatened to thin the winter deadwood from the trees which meant that, not long after testing the delights of the cafe, the gardens were emptied for safety reasons. Definitely one to go back to though.

Cambridge, for me, is typified by a few things - narrow old streets and bicycles...

Beautiful buildings...

Bridges, river and punting...

We walked along the backs, behind the colleges...

and came upon a carpet of lilac crocuses...

And, of course, you can't go to Cambridge without popping into the fudge shop for the butteriest, sweet treat...

We wondered why we don't go there more often?

S x


  1. How lovely! We've never been to Oxford or Cambridge .... shameful isn't it. After your post Cambridge is definitely on my 'list'.

    1. Definitely worth a trip - its a beautiful place :) x

  2. It all looks delightful Sandra.
    So glad you had an enjoyable visit....with sunshine :0)
    Jacquie x

    1. The sunshine is just the perfect tonic, I am just not a winter person at all! x

  3. I love the 'perspiring dreams' quote! Glad you had a good day out - even if your trip to the Botanic Gardens was cut short. You'll have to go back in the Autumn - by chance, we were lucky enough to visit one year when the gardens held their Apple Day - it really was fantastic. Love the photo of the snowdrop against that lovely blue sky. x

    1. Oh the Apple Day sounds lovely - definitely want to go back there, am thinking of making it a regular trip down the A11, it really isn't that far and I would like to see how the gardens develop as the year goes by. x


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