Wednesday, 11 March 2015

on my window sill...

I have two pots of extremes flowering in my kitchen. 

A £1 pot of miniature tete-a-tete daffodils (though even these seem to have shot skywards!)...

Love that these don't disappoint with their quick growth into little splashes of spring yellow.
Whereas, frankly, the enormous amaryllus has taken an age to turn into this big, bright, blowsy and somehow unseasonal looking show off...

I was beginning to think it would never flower. I'm sure I planted it around Christmas-time, when the prospect of a big red flower seemed apt. For several weeks it seemed to do nothing, then just grew up and up, several cms a day or so it seemed. It is not far off 3ft tall and the flower head is huge; the whole thing is so heavy that I've had to lean it against the window!

Can't quite decide if I like it or not, but its certainly impossible to ignore!

S x

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  1. I love the delicate little Tete a tete flowers ... not a lover of Amaryllus !


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