Sunday, 31 May 2015

so little time...

Just every now and then, I'd really like the world to pause a bit. I seem to have next to no time to spend with family or friends and an incessant list of things to do, mostly related to work. 'Time off' feels like a never event and this year is passing in a blur.

Since my past post I have been out just twice. Last weekend I did get out for a few hours with an old walking friend - while most of Norfolk had decamped in green and yellow to Wembley (or to a pub with a big screen to watch aforementioned green and yellow clad frenzy...) we drove up to National Trust's Felbrigg Hall (note to self...must get that membership sorted!) and walked a 13 mile circular trip up to West Runton via Norfolk's high point at Beacon Hill, before heading on to Cromer and back to Felbrigg.

We don't claim to have anything resembling a mountain in Norfolk but North Norfolk does have its share of up and down and the views across to the sea from our little 'peak' were lovely...

Lovely sunshine heading through woodland...

...and a welcome spot for a cuppa and a bit of lunch...

My walks around the coast have taken a bit of a back seat of late but I do like to get at least a look at the sea now and again. Yesterday, after working most of the day (when the sun was shining!) we decided to head up to the coast again in the evening, in spite of the fact that it was definitely more chilly. I have always loved a simple barbecue at the beach as the sun goes down. Wrapped in a blanket this was a nice end to the day...

And that's pretty much it on the relaxation front. The next two weeks look no better but I'm hoping by mid June some of my deadlines will be done with and maybe, just maybe, I can start to get my work-life balance sorted?!

Here's hoping...

S x


  1. Goodness, I expect you were ready for your lunch after a 13 mile walk! The scenery looks gorgeous, and your barbeque on the beach sounds heaven. I hope you have a bit more time to yourself soon :)
    Cathy x

  2. I too am impressed with the 13 miles! We're off to Dorset for a few days this week and (despite the weather forecast!) I have optimistically bought a disposable BBQ with a beach picnic in mind. Must remember the blankets too! Hope work settles down a bit soon. x

  3. That last photo is great - could be flames could be red sky !

  4. It was flames Penny :) with a hint of pink sky in the background !

  5. Hi Sandra, what a lovely walk! Hill top vista, woodland glade, tea shop and beach. Norfolk has it all! I'm a west Norfolk gal and I don't get up north as often as I'd like but I'm planning a return trip, just as soon as the weather improves....
    I'm new to your site, the colourful crochet in your heading caught my eye. I think my favourites are the round yarn basket and the daisy Afghan. Gorgeous!

    1. Hello Sue, thanks for popping by! The last couple of months have been a bit crazy and both crochet and photos have taken something of a back seat! Hope to get back some moments to myself soon! My daisy blanket is still my favourite - it was a bit made up as I went along so is a bit wonky and random but I love the colours and it still lives at the foot of my bead :)


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