Tuesday, 4 August 2015

where is the year going???

I can't believe I haven't managed to write anything for over two months! And actually, when I look at my camera, I haven't stopped to capture anything either. This year seems to be flying past in a blur of 'weeks to be got through' - we have had health issues, house insurance issues, work issues... There seems so little time away from work that fitting everything else in to the time off seems to have left no time for stopping and appreciating... That isn't intended to be a whinge about it - it just is what it is. I have been back to yoga for the last few months and enjoying it enormously (though haven't even made it to all those classes!) - I feel a bit like it helps me rebalance and accept, or at least attempt not to make judgements about whether I'm coping with life or not. Some stuff I just can't control & I am trying to just let it be. (I can't say I always succeed but I'm trying!!)

Two weeks ago my youngest boy finally left home - he hasn't gone far, just the other side of the city to share with a friend. It has been another adaptation process - I am glad for him, he really needed to do some independent living and however much we tried, it was next to impossible for us to fully relinquish our traditional roles while he was living with me. And in a way, I'm glad for me too - I have a spare room now, and a space I can use for working (I am typing this at a desk & not on my lap in bed - such a novelty!!), the food stays in the fridge for longer, the washing  machine is on less often... But goodness, I have missed him too! Way more than I thought I would!! And I really have to face the reality that I am on my own. And not sure how or when that will ever change. Four years after my marriage fell apart and over a year since my divorce, I have not so much as looked at the prospect of another relationship - not even sure I know how any more. So, for now at least, I have to learn to  live with my own company, enjoy the space and enjoy the company of friends when I can. Maybe thats not so bad.

Yesterday, I finally managed the next stretch of my coastal walks, picking up where we left off at Overstrand and following the beach to Cromer.  Looking back towards Mundesley it seems really overcast in these pics but actually (for the first time in days!) it was warm and sunny - must have just clicked during a patch of cloud!

Beautiful smooth sand and gentle lapping waves at Overstrand...

This was decision-making moment... Having taken my Mum, the idea being a gentle stroll, then lunch, do we clamber over the groynes and keep walking or do we turn back at this point??

Bearing in mind Mum is in her 70s we probably should have gone with the latter...but she's fairly determined (can't think where I get that bloody-minded streak from?!!) so on we went, Cromer pier visible in the distance...

It was so warm, I couldn't resist dipping my toes in the sea. On reflection this is a rather odd photo - my feet look teeny (they are really not!)

As you get nearer to Cromer the top part of the beach becomes much more pebbly, quite big lumps of flint, worn smooth by the sea. Essential to find a lucky 'stone with a hole' (anyone else do this??!)

The sand was drying out and it was a bit harder going - about this point I realised I had underestimated the time Mum would need and we were probably going to overshoot the time I'd put on the car, whether we went on to Cromer or back to Overstrand! Plus it was really warm by now so we took a detour off the beach up the cliff...

Some welcome shade and lovely view back through the trees...

but boy, were there a lot of steps!!!

It's when you look back at how far you've come...

and then look up and realise the top isn't even in sight!!

By now, I'm also feeling extremely guilty that I didn't make an executive decision and head back to Overstrand before the groyne! I'm not sure Mum's knees and hips are up to this!! Eventually, the steps give way to a grassy slope beneath the lighthouse and on down into Cromer town...

I do love that you get a whole different perspective when you walk into a town; normally approaching by car I never get this view as I come at it from a completely different direction.  The beach and town were buzzing with families & holidaymakers and the sea was so clam and blue - little bit unusual for the North Sea which often looks a bit 'murky'!

Poor Mum was badly in need of a sit down by this stage so we plumped for the first cafe we saw - which was disappointingly short on food! A cup of tea and a cake later we decided to get a taxi back to Overstrand (no way, could I make her walk back again!!).

It was a lovely walk but something of an eye opener for me. Probably the first time I've really realised how much my Mum has slowed up. And that I probably have to give her less choice about what we do. I guess we all do it - the mind is willing and can powerfully convince you that you can still manage things you probably can't very readily. It also made me more determined than ever to keep active and maintain my fitness! Mum potters but doesn't do much for sustained periods and it really showed. If I am going to be on my own I am not going to settle for ambles along the promenade until I absolutely have to !!!

I think I'm about half way round the Norfolk coast now - I wonder if I'm actually going to manage to complete it this year!! Need to go more often than once every couple of months!!!

Next week maybe...



  1. I have missed your posts recently. It must take a little getting used to being on your own, but I'm sure you'll soon be relishing the experience. Lovely beach photos - your Mum did well to manage all those steps! Have a good week. xx

    1. Hi there :) Thankyou! She did do well, still feeling slightly guilty about how far she walked!! Don't think she suffered too much for it the next day...! There are definite advantages to a bit more space, not having to clear up after someone else or justify anything among them! Just sometimes find myself talking to the radio... :O :) xx

  2. Well I think your Mum did really well! She is probably fitter than me lol! Glad to hear from you, I haven't been to Overstrand yet, must add it to my list.

    1. She's not bad really, though I think its more bloodymindedness than fitness! Overstrand was nice - but not the easiest for access. Think it would be a lovely one to go to at low tide in the winter. x

  3. Thanks for sharing your Overstrand adventure, a walk you can both be proud of!
    This new chapter in your life will feel strange at first but I'm sure you'll make the most of it, could you use your new spare room for crafting as well as work?
    Enjoy your week
    Sue X

    1. Hi Sue, yes had already wondered about a mixture of study room/craft room... :) and this week, the luxury of being able to get the sewing machine out without having to take over the kitchen table... fab!! xx

  4. I hope that with time you'll come to enjoy having more time and space to yourself. I missed my daughter and son dreadfully when they each went off to university, and will when my youngest goes too, but I have gradually got used to it and tried to use the time to do more things I enjoy. Your mum did brilliantly on a good long walk, and all those steps too - I think I'd have been exhausted! Looks like a lovely day out :)
    Cathy x

  5. Hi Cathy, funnily enough already feel like we are getting into a new way of things. When he came over the other weekend, he actually sat and chatted for ages - positively refreshing compared to the 'disappear off to the bedroom' approach when they live at home! Just find the coming home to an empty house every night a mixed blessing... but I'll get there :) xx


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