Friday, 11 December 2015

Insomnia and coastal walks...

Sleep and I have never been great friends and just now we have really fallen out. 3-4 hours sleep counts as a good night and on a bad night...well lets just say sometimes the early dawn sees me still clockwatching. 

A couple of weeks ago, in the interests of continuing my trip around the coast and not wasting the weekend feeling grumpy after not sleeping, I got up and headed to the North Norfolk coast as the sun was rising. The skies were stunning as I was driving and still tinged with pink when I arrived at the stretch of shingly beach between Weybourne and Salthouse.

It was pretty cold, with the threat of a downpour very present, heavy black clouds over the sea...

...but there is something very striking about this coastline, even when it looks a little bleak, with its expanse of skies and sense of solitude, just a lone fisherman at the shoreside...

By the time I got to the nature reserve at Salthouse my hands were frozen and I was struggling to stand still, never mind take photos across the marshes...

I'm not sure if it was my mood or the atmosphere, but I found this beach a little depressing. 

It feels like a vast stretch of shingle which, that day, was being pounded relentlessly by the grey waves. The beach itself was strewn with starfish and even a few small fish and although they were splashes of colour and intricate patterns, felt a bit like the debris from some natural ill-event... 

I don't know how well you can see them here, but I don't think I have ever seen so many starfish - every few steps was another and another...

Even this boat looked abandoned on the shore...

By this time it was pouring and I gave up gracefully to retreat to the heat of the car.

I will try to complete the beach list but its definitely not going to happen before the end of the year. Perhaps by Spring, when life looks set to throw a few more challenges my way and I will really need to  motivate myself to find a new way forward. I am currently torn between willing the winter on and desperately trying to hold on to the 'now' so that I don't have to face my feelings which I just know are going to be as stormy as these clouds come April time. Life is so complicated.

And in the meantime, there is Christmas to manage. I have less than 2 weeks to get festive - superhuman effort required, but will get there...

S x


  1. I have always had an unfriendly relationship with sleep - I need it and it avoids me, until fairly recently I'd resigned to the fact that, that was how it was to be until I discovered 'snoozy teas' they are gentle and work so very very well. I sleep so much better these days. I've never seen star fish on the beach - their colours are beautiful. I wonder if they were tossed up after a stormy sea?

  2. Sorry you are having trouble sleeping. It really messes with your head. I would talk with your GP. Hope you don't mind me putting that here....just concerned about you lovely.
    Jacquie xxx

    1. Aww thanks Jacquie, think its the mess in my head that's making the sleep more difficult & not sure the GP can do much about that, but its a good thought & kind of you to be concerned xx It'll sort itself out in time I'm sure... x

  3. So many starfish! I sympathize about the insomnia - I can usually fall asleep OK but then if anything wakes me that's it for the night. I enjoyed your walk photos. xx

  4. Hi Sandra ...just wanted to say I've been thinking of you.
    Jacquie xxx


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