Sunday, 9 February 2020

2020: Week 5 and 6...

29th January:
As always, can't concentrate on one project at a time! Found this pattern whilst hunting for something else so decided to give it a go. Have never crocheted anything to wear other than scarves and gloves. First few rows, my impression is that it makes up quite quickly but not sure it has the softness of knitted fabric. Going to keep going though, we'll see!

30th January:
Another photo gap. This is harder than it should be! Some days I look around and just don't feel that inspired by anything I see.

31st January:
Beautiful skies as I arrive at work today. 

1st February:
Pretty little iris in my courtyard garden. I have crocuses and snowdrops and these tiny splashes of blue. Little injections of colour into dreary winter days.

2nd-4th February:
Oops. These passed by me in a blur...

5th February:
A quiet space in our department for patients and their families who need time to talk, think or just take a breath before heading back out to the world. Functional but long overdue and so badly needed.

6th February:
Oh dear. Not doing very well this week.

7th February:
After having a bit of a moan about a string of meeting invitations without a clear purpose (I hate meetings for meetings sake!) a friend sent me this...which made me chuckle.

8th February:
Nope - no photos today either...

9th February:
On the day the storm hit, I can't help wondering what on earth is going on with the climate. I have spring bulbs in flower, there is blossom coming on the tree outside my window and the geranium and lobelia in this pot have flowered all winter...

I am resolving to do even more of my bit for the environment.

Week 7, I need to try harder with the photos - there must be something each day that interests, amuses  or pleases me!

S x 

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