Saturday, 26 February 2011


Ugh... just re-read last night's post and realised there are a ton of typos! That's what comes of trying to beat the expensive wifi deadline. Hope it was possible to make sense of it!

Got back from Leicester at 8pm tonight and think I am packed and ready for big trip tomorrow now. I am a bit rubbish at this bit - touch of OCD tendencies makes me convinced I will have forgotten something vital and I know I will go through the passport, boarding pass, money etc etc routine several more times before I leave in the morning! Once I get past the 'point of no return' I'm fine - after all, the rational part of me knows that most of the Stuff we take away is not essential and I can get by (as long as I've got the passport, boarding pass, money etc...)

Feels a bit odd leaving the troops for a whole week but I know I badly need to get away for a bit and to be honest, it might do them all good to be a bit more self-sufficient for a while.

Cheerio for a week!


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