Saturday, 19 February 2011


Well, I haven't written a whole chapter of the dissertation, as I promised myself, but I have made a bit of progress so I have allowed myself a bit of escape time. Time for a little WIP update I thought...

At least one of the usual I've got several on the go and spare time seems to be against me at the moment so not getting there fast! This daisy blanket has turned into a real 'make it up as you go along' project and I'm quite enjoying the organic nature of it actually. I decided early on that there weren't really any 'rules' with this one - other than that I have restricted myself to these 7 colours and am edging each block with that lovely summer sky blue. I have deliberately made different sizes of squares and am just fitting them together as I go in a jigsaw-like fashion. The only problem I'm finding is that its not always easy to keep a straight edge so this may not be the most even shaped blanket ever! Never mind - may have to rename it Rustic Daisy Blanket? Think 'rustic' probably means you can get away with a bit rough round the edges?!!! I'm still loving the daisies - this feels like a cheerful flower patch to me. Haven't quite decided how big to go - I'd quite like to make it big enough to cover a single bed, or the end of a double or just for good-sized snuggling... So a way to go yet!!! 

Other escapist treats this week...

Another trip to the theatre! This is a bit unusual for me - much as I love to go and see live shows (of pretty much any sort - theatre, music, comedy - all a bit more magical at a live venue) my NHS salary does not usually run to more than the odd visit. Hairspray a couple of weeks ago was a belated birthday treat from a friend and last night we went to see Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors courtesy of my Mum for son 1's birthday. I know Shakespeare is not everyone's cup of tea but I have always loved it - I love the rhythm of the words and the fact that something written so long ago can still be highly entertaining and relevant today. The stories are just that - stories - and were written for mass entertainment in the way that we watch films and TV today (only in my view much more interactive). The company we saw last night were Propeller - an all male company who are faithful to the original text but present it in a refreshing way. They are currently touring with Richard III & Comedy of Errors and it was really fantastic - I can't think of many things I could go to with my late 60's Mum, my 17 and 22 year old sons and we could all come out having laughed so much our faces were aching! If you like Shakespeare (or have never given it a go!) and Propeller come your way, give them a look - it was worth the trip out!

Sadly, back to reality with a serious thud today... ridiculously busy at work and I'm in all over the weekend but am counting the days to my week in Morocco! Off to Marrakech in 8 days time!!! Can't wait!!!

One more photo I thought I'd share - this is Basil, one of our 13 year old brother and sister pair of moggies. He's looking a bit serious in this photo but actually is the daftest cat - he loves to get up on shoulders, especially No 1 son's and will just drape himself there if he's allowed. He's had his share of 'health issues' over the years - hence the rather battle scarred nose - and has probably used a few of his lives up but seems to keep going and is impossible not to love!

Til next time then,



  1. Hi Sandra , thanks for your comments over at mine . Love your daisy blanket , It is gong to be a stunner :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Your blanket is beautiful! Good work :-)

  3. Hi Sandra! I just found your lovely blog via Little Tin Bird. LOVE that daisy blanket...gorgeous! x

  4. Gorgeous blanket! I love daisies and crochet flower squares so this is the perfect combination.

  5. Hello
    I have just found your lovely blog via Little tin bird and love your daisy blanket just so fresh and ready for the spring xox


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