Sunday, 20 March 2011

connecting in blogland...

When I started writing this blog at the beginning of the year, it was primarily for my sanity - somewhere for me to place my thoughts and document the little things that fill my days. I wasn't really writing it with anyone else in mind and not expecting anyone to read it especially. But I have to say the whole 'blog-thing' has become a bit more than that - I have found it somewhere to connect with others with similar interests, somewhere to find crafty inspiration and there has been something quite affirming in that.

So I would especially like to say thankyou to those of you who have left lovely comments on here - it really gives me a happy feeling to know that there are people who are enjoying what I am doing. And a particular big thankyou to Heather at Little Tin Bird (whose blog I really love - full of colour and reminds me of the value of the 'ordinary' things in life) for linking to my daisy blanket!

I have been a bit distracted on the crochet front, so the daisies have kind of gone on hold! (I am a bit rubbish at concentrating on one thing at a time... cause of constant frustration to R that I always have multiple projects on the go!). I came across Sarah London's 'Crochet a Rainbow' appeal a few days ago. A bit belatedly, I realise, but I discovered it on a day when the news from Japan was particularly bleak and I felt I must do something. Maybe I've missed it but there don't seem to be have been any direct appeals here for Japan (or Christchurch for that matter) so I figured if I could make some little contribution that would be a good thing.

Sooo.... I have been crocheting granny squares in the little bit of spare time I have had this week. 

The colours are not at all true on here - I am using some balls of wool I have had hanging around for ages (just in case... does anyone else have these? I just cannot quite throw out yarn or fabric cos it might come in handy one day!) and the colours are not really what I would usually choose but I figured if people need blankets they won't mind too much what colour they are! But on that photo it looks like black, white and a kind of orangy pink - actually its navy, white and a sort of deep magenta.

Anyway, I feel a bit of a 'must get on with it' about these so am going to try to do 20 or so, then get on with my daisies! 

This has been a really hectic week at work and at home and there feels as though there has been little time for anything - I worked an extra day (and circumstances conspired against me taking my time back - the joy of working for the NHS means that when that happens you work for free!!!), home has been a bit frazzled with son 3 and the whole A levels/uni/new girlfriend saga (another story entirely - suffice to say that dealing with the love interests of your offspring seems to be fraught with pitfalls!) and my relationship with R seems to have reached an all time fragile state. I am very aware that a lot of the blogs I've read seem to depict an ideal, rosy home life... mine is far from that at the moment and in a way this gives me a small space to escape from the chaos of day to day life. I managed to get away from work in daylight on Friday so took the time to have a wander round the garden and enjoy a few moments of lovely things...

Time for 'mid-month pic' - you can't see very well but there is a big patch of daffs under the plum and crab apple trees at the bottom of the garden which are about to come into flower; I may have to cheat and sneak an extra pic in as I suspect if I wait til next month they will be past their best again! Most of the trees are beginning to come into leaf and my pot of tete-a-tetes is flowering merrily. And had you noticed a new arrival in the flower bed? R snaffled an old greenhouse that was in pieces and being thrown out by a neighbour. He rebuilt it, cleaned it all up and replaced a few panes and it is good as new! I am expecting great things of the greenhouse/allotment partnership this year! (and only a little disappointed that the greenhouse has been placed on the site of a patch of lily of the valley that had just got established!)

On closer inspection... early daffodils are like small patches on sunlight and the forsythia is a mass of tiny  blooms.

A patch of hyacinths are about to reveal their full colours. These were all originally in pots indoors and have gradually been added to the garden where they seem to come through stronger each year.

Leaves are beginning to unfurl on the crab apple tree, with just a hint of the blossom which is to come.

There is something very satisfying about trying to capture the little details in the garden - makes you realise how much things are quietly changing under our noses all the time and provides definite evidence that we are moving towards warmer weather!!

It was really cold when I took these photos - I think the temperature dipped below freezing again that night - and I had a spectator as I walked round the garden...

Basil obviously decided it was too chilly to venture outside and peered around the conservatory door! He sat there for an age just looking; posed for a few shots then retired to the warmth of the sofa!

This morning did see a much brighter, sunnier day and I think we reached the dizzy heights of about 14C in the sunshine this afternoon. First thing the sun was streaming through the front windows and Jemima had found the perfect spot to relax in...

Tomorrow, R and I are taking a couple of days in London - he has won tickets to the Ideal Homes exhibition so we are leaving the boys to themselves and heading down on the train. Maybe this will give us a chance to talk properly - so difficult to find time and space in a busy house where we rarely have uninterrupted time. Not sure IH would be my preferred choice of destination; we went 25 years ago when we were setting up our first home and all was very exciting, not sure it will be quite the same now. But my memory is of lots of lovely things to look at so I'm sure it will make for a change for a couple of days.

Will let you know!!

Til next time


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  1. Just visiting over from Little Tin Bird, lovely to meet you and I love that blankets :-)


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