Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Spring mists...

Somehow, the awful things happening on the other side of the world make you appreciate even more the stability on your doorstep. My heart goes out to the people in Japan who can have no sense of tranquility just now.

Here, today began with lovely sunshine - a bit of frost on the ground but bright and actually felt as though there was a bit of warmth in the air. As I drove into work, it looked as though the ground was steaming as the sun burned the frost away. Really beautiful, gave everything an ethereal air. I walked from work across to the university this morning, lovely to be able to breathe in some spring air and even situated on the outskirts of the city, very calm and peaceful. 

These don't really do it justice but you get a sense of what it looked like - I expect it would have been a bit more obvious on a photo half an hour before.

The trees were glistening with drops of melted frost hanging on the branches, looking as though they had been scattered with tiny crystals catching the light.

Sadly, the blue skies didn't last - by the time I came home it was grey and chilly again. Much to son 3's irritation as, for some reason known only to a 17 year old's sense of logic, he'd gone to college in shorts this morning! Shorts! On March 14th!! Daft beggar!

One more thing that made me smile today - Jemima picked an appropriate spot for a snooze I thought...

Although if you look carefully, she is only pretending to snooze...her ears aren't missing a thing!

Til next time then


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  1. Hi Sandra, thanks for visiting Planet Penny. It nice to meet you especially as we seem to live in the same area. I've just been looking at YOUR holiday snaps and they are great, the colours are amazing. However, the misty morning shots may not be such an exotic location but they are just as lovely.
    Penny x
    PS And you too have stripy pussy cats!


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