Thursday, 24 March 2011

highs and lows...

Today has been a day of ups and downs! 

Beautiful sunshine and a real bit of warmth in it today. And a chance to enjoy a bit of outdoor time as I have to work Saturday so was able to take a bit of time back this afternoon. Came home on tenterhooks as no. 3 son was having a second go at his driving test...

And that was the first 'Oh Dear'... You can guess the outcome of that. I did feel for him - its not easy being the third and he has never been the most confident of the three. Just lately a combination of knocks have succeeded in leaving him feeling he's no good at things. And however much I know some of it is within his control (the whole achieving what you should at college thing...), he has also got to believe in himself too. It's not that his older brothers sailed through everything, but they did seem to get through those significant milestones without too many problems - both passed driving test first time, achieved acceptable results in school exams and got their first choice uni places etc etc. It's not that T can't do it - he's a bright, likeable, articulate young man (most of the time!) but I think he puts a lot of pressure on himself and is then very disappointed when things don't quite work out.

Anyway, we decided to be positive - rebooked the test again, had lunch together and headed to the park in the sunshine! Can't remember the last time we went to the park together just for the sake of it but it was beautiful and couldn't resist having another play with son 2's fancy camera!

Sorry... not the prettiest pair of feet! But, honestly, it was warm enough for sandals and short sleeved T-shirts!

Playing it cool on the swing...

...and the bars!

Still can't quite get used to my 'baby' having Man Legs!!!

Suddenly the trees and hedgerows are beginning to be covered in pretty blossom.

Somehow, it seems to me that the sunlight seems to make everything seem to have more depth - even dry seed-heads of teasel near the churchyard.

Back in the garden, there are little splashes of colour appearing fact, that's why I have a new blog header pic today - there were just so many gorgeous flowers and new shoots to enjoy!

My ex-indoor hyacinths have opened up in just a few days and the daffs under the trees are nodding away cheerfully. Some have them are looking a bit worse for wear from the recent cold mornings and windy weather and I just had to rescue these three whose stems had broken to pop in a vase.

I can't really remember ever planting doubles like these - I can't decide whether they have just migrated from somewhere or changed themselves over the years (or maybe just incorrectly sorted as bulbs?). Anyway, I don't mind - I do think they are very pretty and couldn't bear to see them face down in the flower bed!

I can't remember what these are called either? They are quite tiny - about the size of a small crocus but really pretty and a lovely find today as I thought I'd lost them! They went in several years ago and flowered once then got mowed by a rather over enthusiastic Man with a Mower (R does like to cut grass!!!) and I hadn't seen them again - til this year! And now there is actually quite a big patch. Maybe serious pruning is the way to go???!!! Providing you don't mind flowers every 5 years!! Don't think I could recommend it as a way to go!

I have a little lilac tree, brought from a cutting from a tree at our last house 18 years go, which has buds that are just about to burst open (T said this looks like a picture of a rather odd sprout!!!).

I discovered that the third lens in son 2's camera case was a telephoto lens and although, if I'm honest, the whole changing lenses/carrying it all around thing seems a bit of a faff - I was able to get this noisy young starling on next doors roof from my garden table. His feathers were positively shimmering in the sun with purples, greens and blues.

I'm trying to decide what to go for in the way of a new camera - am hoping to drop some heavy hints for a collective present for my birthday! - but am really dithering about what it is I want! I am enjoying playing with the lenses S has and his camera certainly seems to give much better definition and colour, even on auto settings. is pretty bulky and heavy and I'm not sure I would get the best out of it for general use as I like to just have the camera with me 'just in case'! If anyone has any tips or thoughts about cameras, do let me know! Would welcome the views of those with some experience!!

Last indulgent shot - bright and blowsy tulips to look at when I'm washing up! I should have taken this photo in daylight (it was dark by the time I got this!) but got waylaid with cooking tea, etc and just wanted to share them with you tonight!

It has been a funny day - all those very mixed feelings about the driving; of course you want them to get through it but I'm not looking forward to having to send him off in the car on his own (my car at that!). The never ending cost of lessons and tests I could do without and most of all I really want T to have a bit of a boost. But oddly, had he passed today - he would have probably whizzed off in the car and I'd have missed out on lovely time out in the park with him. I know he will get there in the end and overall I had some really nice heart-lifting moments today.

Well, my bed is calling! Normal work day tomorrow so should try to sleep!

Til next time then,


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  1. Lovely photos - this sunny weather is just putting everyone in a better mood, isn't it?

    Sorry to hear about your son's driving test, I can imagine that it's not easy for him following his brothers. My advice would be (if you're not doing this already) don't tell anyone when his next test is, and just treat it like another lesson. Don't even wish him good luck or anything like that, just pretend that nothing 'different' is happening that day. If he doesn't feel the pressure of everyone's expectations, it might just be enough to 'calm his nerves' and get him through. It took me five attempts to pass, and by the fifth one I'd decided not to tell anyone, as above, so it seemed to work for me. I know at the moment he might be taking it quite hard that he hasn't passed first time, but once he gets his licence and starts driving, he'll soon forget about that and realise it was never a competition!

    As for the camera, last year I bought a Canon 450D. My boyfriend already had an old Canon which took 35mm film, so he had two lenses - a 'normal' one and a zoom lens - which fit onto my new digital one, which was one of the main reasons for getting a Canon over any other model. It sounds like your son probably has something similar. Basically, you're spot on about it being a bit of a faff having to change lenses all the time. Don't get me wrong, it's a great camera and I definitely get great photos with it (well, I would if I was a better photographer!), but sometimes I wish I'd got something a bit smaller and more manageable. I went for a walk yesterday and had the camera with the normal lens on the strap round my neck, but I also wanted to take the zoom lens plus my macro extension tubes just in case I wanted to take some 'wildlife' shots, so I carried them in a backpack. Never got them out once though, just carried the extra weight around for nothing!
    If, as you say, you just like to have a camera for those 'just in case' moments, you might be better with something a bit smaller - I'm sure you can still get a decent enough zoom / macro function on them. If you were wanting to get into some serious photography, then the more expensive cameras with all their extra lenses would be the way to go, but be prepared to have a lot of stuff to carry around with you!

    Hope I haven't waffled on too long there! Good luck for your son's next test - but don't tell him I said so! ;-)


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