Saturday, 23 April 2011

Can't quite get my head round the weather we are having at the moment! When I left work at 2pm today the temperature was registering 27C! Its more like midsummer than end of April. I hope the poor plants don't go into complete shock when we get the inevitable drop back to 'normal' temperatures - which I'm sure it will at some point!

I went for a lovely bike ride this afternoon - I am trying to finally kick my new years promise to myself in to touch and get a bit fitter! Probably would be more effective if I left the camera at home as I couldn't help keep stopping to take photos - I guess I need to cycle for long enough to get out of breath ideally...

I wasn't very far down the road before I saw this splash of bright red on the verge - poppies in April? Really?

I was heading for this little wood near us which always has the most beautiful bluebells. It was about 5.30pm by the time I got there, still warm and sunny with the trees giving dappled shade. The air was filled with the scent from the bluebells - I hadn't really realised they had so much fragrance but the early evening seems to bring it out. 

It was just really peaceful and lovely to just sit for a bit before cycling home... and I'm sure the last long hill did me loads of good!!!

This pretty little church is tucked away on one of the back lanes and in the churchyard I spotted this little narcissus...

Spring flowers still around after all! Lovely.

Til next time then, 



  1. Your photographs are stunning!
    Poppies in April? The world's gone mad!

  2. Wow that Church is pretty. I love to see a 'sea' of bluebells. At the moment we have a yellow sea behind our house - a field of Rapeseed flowers.... stunning. Those poppies are lovely & unexpected this time of year !

  3. Hi Sandra , love your pictures too :0)
    The bluebell woods look stunning...been trying to drag my lot to our local woodland but they are having none of it . Those narcissus are very pretty .
    Look forward to seeing your scavenger hunt photos .
    Jacquie x

  4. your photographs are amazing Sandra. It is glorious here too in Wales but like you I wonder when it will all end. Probably rain all summer now!!!ha ha keep in touch Pauline x x


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