Saturday, 2 April 2011

Things that have made me happy today...

Thanks for all your nice comments, it is lovely to hear from you!

Today I worked a half day, which felt like a treat, and the sun was shining all afternoon. There is something very decadent about not being at work when you feel you should be!

I know this doesn't look like a happy thing particularly but one of the reasons I took some time back was so I could go and give blood. I've been going for years (babies and health issues permitting) and today was my 38th pint! It truly doesn't hurt and it just feels like a Good Thing to do. I always think those sessions are a good place for people watching too - there's a kind of sense of camaraderie and some of the donor carers are a bit quirky! Nice but definitely quirky! One chap was at pains to tell me today that I could have helped enough people to fill a double decker bus over the years - permission to feel virtuous I think. I would just like to point out that you can now give blood 3 times a year, otherwise 38 makes me sound ancient! Eldest son came along too today; I'm glad that both my older 2 boys have registered to become regular donors - it just seems a small ask if you are healthy and can be so valuable. Plus you get Club chocolate biscuits! Not something I ever buy, but you have to have one to boost your sugar levels (well, that's what I choose to believe). 

Taking this picture made me realise that I can't operate a camera left handed! About 6 attempts and still not in focus!

One of the nice things about getting home so early was I got to have a wander round the garden and have a proper look at what's coming up - it seems like suddenly the plants are bursting into life and I took a cup of tea and my camera and tried to really notice everything.

Hostas have appeared as if by magic - these will shortly be followed by an army of slugs which will decimate them. Its an annual ritual and I have not found a method of putting the little blighters off! I live in hope that one day they'll flower without being shredded. Or maybe just invest in a variety the slugs aren't so keen on...

This little tree is our miniature horse chestnut, from a conker planted by the boys about 10 or so years ago. It has grown so slowly but is now like a mini tree, with mini versions of the intricate leaves. I wonder if one day we will get mini conkers?!!

These little narcissi are really delicate. Its difficult to get a sense of scale from this picture but they are no more than about an inch across and most stems have 3 or four flowers. It was pretty blowy today and they are so light that they kept moving when I tried to snap them.

The blossom on the crab apple and plum trees is just about to burst open. It looks as though they will be covered this year.

The light was so lovely today the colours seemed to shout out as I walked round. I love this time of year - everything feels fresh and new and the brightness is so welcome after what has felt like a very long winter.

And who could help but smile at this...

Daft cat was snuggled up in a sunny spot on a chair with one ear folded over and such a lazy content look. I think being a cat must be a pretty happy life!

Hope you all had happy days too, til next time.



  1. Well done for the blood donations. I have tried a few times to do it but have never got through the initial iron level test. Hopefully one day I will! Your cat is gorgeous!

  2. your garden looks beautiful and your photography is fantastic. Unfortunatley I can't give blood for medical reasons but it is a great thing to do if you can.well done


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