Tuesday, 17 January 2012

and back in the room...

It seems like an age but finally...I can reconnect!

Such a lot has happened in the last few months, I feel I may take a while to catch up with myself. Much of it is of no interest to anyone else and I'm not sure I want to log for posterity so will probably go unsaid. What is certain, having had a quick glance, is that I will definitely not catch up with the  long list of blogs I haven't read so going to start afresh from today!

I do have a whole lot of photos I want to share - a bit of this...

...a bit of this...

and other things that have helped me keep going...

I want to share something of my new surroundings and some of what life has brought my way...

BUT...and this is quite a big but..! Being cut off from the internet has been something of an education! In lots of ways it has been a complete pain - no access to so many important things (just have a count today of how many times you read, hear or are told "just check on the website...", my phone bill was enormous this month), have felt cut off from things I enjoy or count as social connections - I could go on (believe me, I have really missed the web!!!). But - I have probably done more 'other' stuff by force of having more time - I have read several books, finished the ripple blanket, a pair of socks, a jumper, listened to a lot of radio, been for long walks, read the paper (can't remember when I last did that! still can't finish the crossword...) etc etc

So...I am aiming to be a bit more disciplined with my web time - do the 'have to do' stuff first then allow a bit of browsing time but maybe have a cut off so I go and do something else! Aim for more balance...that seems to be something I should probably apply to life in general!

Overall though, glad to be back, looking forward to seeing what people are up to, very grateful for the messages I have had during my downtime and may have a little rush of posts in the next few days while I bring myself up to date!

Til then

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  1. Welcome back! Oh yes isn't it a pain without the internet. I kept flattening the battery on my phone when I had to do without for 3 or 4 days not so long ago!

    Your blanket is looking very nice. I'm looking forward to a big post with lots of photos!

    xXx Helen


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