Monday, 30 January 2012

Photo challenge 2012...

I would just like to say thanks so much for all the supportive comments after my last post. Last week was fairly hideous all round and although I've been following all your lovely blogs I've been a bit rubbish about commenting and haven't managed to reply individually to everyone. So...apologies all and thanks for your kindness, it really does help.

This week, I'm determined to start out on a more positive note and so today I wrote myself a list and told myself, in no uncertain terms, to just get on with it! I know there are going to be ups and downs but if I try to listen to myself a bit - you know, today you are tired and its ok to just rest up a bit, today you need to get your act together and get some jobs done...that kind of thing! - then I think I can make it to Spring intact!

I have a whole load of photos from this month that I need to get around to posting but one of my jobs for today was to complete and post the photo hunt from Kathy's list... 

So I sorted through the pictures I'd already taken and set off to the coast for a walk in the hope of finding the missing ones. And I think, for the first time in ages, I have a complete set! Go me!!


Last week, I went for a very blustery walk around Whitlingham broad. These two young swans were desperately trying to smooth their feathers but fighting a losing battle with the wind!


Ok, I appreciate this might take some use of imagination...this was the same day and I had tried to take photos of the choppy 'waves' hitting the banks of the broad but without much success. Then I came across all these birds, which were swooping in for food, and they really were like a blur in the sky. Honest...


At risk of sounding like a complete misery, this one I struggled with this month. Its not that I don't have any company now (although I definitely am spending a lot more time on my own!) - more that I haven't felt able to get the camera out when I am with others so that I can illustrate 'company'!! Some of my friends would definitely think I've lost the plot! So this one was still outstanding today but when I went to the beach, although I was on my own there were so many footprints in the sand I felt like I was sharing the walk with lots of others, human and canine! And I always thought that relationship with your dog is one of unconditional companionship, so these side by side prints seemed to fit the bill.


There is a city park near to me, which was built in the early 1920's to provide a recreational space in the city and to provide employment for over a hundred men during the construction process. It has grand formal gardens and buildings that included a boathouse, grandstand and pavilion. This door is one of the doors in the pavilion buildings, now used as changing rooms for various sports groups. I love the faded grandeur of these historic parks.

In my bathroom...

This is not a great photo as the light has been so awful today, but one of my treats to myself has been fresh flowers. I never spend more than a couple of £ on them and today I went to the market late in the day and picked up some gerberas cheap, so this week, the ultimate in decadence (well, maybe not, but I am easy pleased these days...!) flowers for the bathroom windowsill :-)

In season...

This caused me some puzzling as I couldn't decide if this picture was really 'in season' or just 'seasonal'?? But I decided to go with it anyway... This was back at Eaton Park - I'd gone for an early walk and the park was deserted apart from a few early morning runners. We haven't had may really frost mornings but that day it was freezing and the ponds were all frozen over. I liked the crackled effect the ice gives the reflections.

In the distance...

I took lots of photos for this one! Couldn't decide which 'distance' I liked best but in the end plumped for this one from my walk at the coast today - just because I love the seaside, especially out of season when the empty beach stretches out into the sea. I could look at the sea all day - except it was so cold today, I could barely press the button on the camera!!


On another broads walk, Salhouse this time, there are information boards along the paths.


There are some bits of my house that are still not sorted, due to lack of storage space mainly - this is one of them!!


Well I think this is odd... Pretty but a bit bizarre... This morning the air temperature was just above freezing and out in my back garden this rose is in full leaf and flowering! Thats not right surely!?


There is enough woolliness around me that I probably could have taken a photo of something soft at home but I love these fluffy seed heads.


I appreciate you probably can't read this, but this sign says "Beware - Archery range"! Doesn't look much like it does it!?! But in fact there is an archery range just a bit further up to the right of this picture so I suppose a really badly aimed stray arrow could cause an injury...

So thats my full house for January! As you can see, it has been a month of not much brightness in the sky and I can't say I'll be sorry to see the back of it, although the older I get the more conscious I am of not wishing the days away! I have done lots of walking and thinking and enjoyed being outdoors even on the the very cold days.

Looking forward to seeing what is on February's list!

Til next time


  1. Well done for finishing your photo hunt ....I've still got a few left to do.
    I love your company one ... you're never really lonely with a dog. I talk nonsense to my dog all the time, and she always listens!!!!

  2. Loved the Eaton Park ones! I really like that park. Soft was also great. We live in a lovely part of the world....

  3. Ooooh and like Kathy, I really like company too. That's so cute.

  4. I love your soft and odd - the poor old plants don't know if they're coming or going do they?

  5. The in season and in the distance pics are really lovely, you do live in a beautiful place, I would love to see the sea every day.

  6. My favorite is always just a couple of blossoms in a small container...always looks so "homey" and pleasant to me. Great photos!

  7. Love your interpretation of 'company' and your 'in season' amd 'in the distance' photos are wonderful:)

  8. Gorgeous photos. Love those fluffy seed heads. xx

  9. I think I recognise Wells next the Sea in one of your photos? I had many childhood camping trips there.

    1. correct! It is Wells next the sea!

  10. I think your photos are great! I loved 'company' and I love the frozen pond and the soft seed head too - do you know what kind of plant it is?

    1. Hi Louise, not sure about the seed head - think it might be some sort of wild clematis? unless anyone knows any better?

  11. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit stronger this week.
    Wonderful photos - the company one is inspired ! Love the soft one & imagine a few birds will be gathering soon for their nest making.
    Good to get out and walk especially by water xx

  12. 'In Season' is gorgeous! Our poor flora is so confused with the seasons not like they should be.
    Good to hear things are gettting better.
    xox Sandi

  13. I think we must have photographed the same swans! Whittlingham has a few slots in my list too. Lovely to see Eaton as well. We seem to be building a good Norfolk group of scavenger hunters,

  14. I like your In season photo very much, I like the reflection of the trees on the frozen pond.

  15. I think your photos are lovely.

  16. Lovely post with some gorgeous picture.
    I have nominated you for an award


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