Wednesday, 29 January 2014

back in the room...

Finally... internet reconnected so normal service resumes! I have been just a teeny bit shocked at how cut off I felt with no wifi at all - not just for the social/interesting/recreational side of things (honestly, I really don't spend that much time on here!) but so much stuff seems to have to be done via the internet now, particularly around moving! Sorting utilities, registering to vote, changing address with the endless list of contacts we seem to accumulate... Of course, you can still do some of these on the phone or in person but it means you spend ages in a call queue (usually at great expense on a mobile call, because you have no landline yet either!) with an increasingly grating message telling you that 'we are experiencing a particular high volume of calls and you can do x,y,z via our website...' I even had the same message from Talk Talk! Ironic when it was their connection I was waiting for!

Anyway, all back on now, so last night I updated my 365 project (yep, still taken a picture a day so far - some very hastily snapped as I realise I've forgotten to do it, most on my phone in the last couple of weeks!) and this morning I have had a little spree on Amazon (theatre tickets & coffee, essentials, obviously...) and now I have a bit of catching up to do!

Thanks for all the good wishes with the move, all went well and it really is amazing what you can get into a Corsa if you are determined! 8 trips between houses over a couple of days and we were pretty much in, slightly hysterical at times (picture 20 year old, front seat so far forward his knees were virtually under his chin, packed round with cushions from the sofa and a box of lego...good job we weren't driving far, I wouldn't like to say I had particularly clear vision all round!) but by the end of the first afternoon we had enough bits of furniture in to sit and eat a takeaway and feel that we were at home.

The chopsticks look impressive but actually it was because we realised at this point the cutlery hadn't yet made it across. Tom resorted to a large strainer spoon in the end - not one to let utensil shortage get in the way of his food!

The only entrance into my house (my house! still childishly excited to be able to say that!) is via a little courtyard, so each car load was unloaded and unceremoniously dumped with the car on double yellow lines, then sorted afterwards. By this point, there was no more room in the vicinity of the front door and the armchair got parked temporarily. When I looked back, this made me laugh...

Tom thought it looked quite at home out there! So, this is the little house I fell in love with, 5 minutes from the city centre, just walking back from picking up our Thai meal...

Apologies for the lousy photo quality, the light was very low and its possible I didn't stand very still, I was soo tired by then!! I am still in love with it. Sure, of course, once you move in you find 'quirks' - yep, the secondary glazed windows (listed, can't have sealed units...) are a little bit drafty in places and yes, empty, the need for a lick of paint was a bit more obvious but hey, I have the rest of my life to tweak this place and I think that's just fine.

A lovely friend gave me this as a present...

...doubly appropriate because I am a closet scrabble fan, but I think this house should be full of all of these.

Saturday morning saw me up bright and early, car packed to the gunnels again, for the last couple of trips. The sky was beautiful...

...and I sat and had my first breakfast here, looking out at this view. Marmalade on toast (of course!), large cup of tea, bliss.

By this point, we still had a few boxes to unpack, but basically it felt like home...

In places the walls are 650mm thick (so the survey tells me!) and I love this little window in the corner...

Note to self...still need to replace the shade on the oil lamp which got broken many years ago, courtesy cats or small boys, can't remember which!

Looking the other way out of my kitchen window, I see my neighbour's lovely brick and flint wall, and one of 4 planted hanging baskets kindly left by the previous owner...

I have daffodils (and wilting herbs!) on my kitchen window sill..

...chilled white wine...

...and at least some of my pictures on the wall...

Believe me, after two years in a rented house it was so liberating to bang hooks into the wall!!

I feel the most 'at home' I've felt in years. I've even had time for a bit of reading...

Loaned to me by my eldest son, this was a very quick, pull at the heart strings, read - a reminder that we shouldn't let the 'busy' stuff get in the way of time with the people we love. I'd recommend it with a box of tissues handy!

I've even managed a little bit of planting, these primroses were calling my name from the doorway of the DIY shop...

Phew, bit of a lengthy catch up but at least now I'm up to date! Looking forward to just 'being' again. Life feels like its finally beginning to get back on track.

S xx


  1. It looks charming! I love courtyards and the houses look so interesting - I want to see inside all of them lol!
    You did so well to move all your stuff by car, I think I'll need a jugernaut next time I move.

  2. Awwwwww, your "new" house looks wonderful Sandra. So much character and so welcoming.
    I'm sure you will be very happy there.
    Jacquie x

    1. Thankyou Jacquie, I'm sure I will too :-) x

  3. Your new home looks.. Well very homely! Congratulations on a move well done, exhausted but happy comes to mind! Thanks for sharing your corner if the world xx

  4. Congrats on the new home - it really is lovely and cosy and such history in those walls! And every courtyard should have an armchair surely?! Best wishes - Ruth (no blog sorry!)

    1. Hi Ruth, thanks so much. I think, with a large brolly, the chair would be quite at home out there!! :-)

  5. Welcome back! Glad you are getting settled in and your new home looks lovely!

  6. Good luck in your new home. It looks like a wonderfully cosy place already. xx

  7. I can see why you fell in love with the place - what a gorgeous little cottage! Glad you've settled in, it's looking lovely and cosy already. xx

  8. I'm so pleased your all moved in and it all went well, what a lovely home you have,I can't want to see more over time.

  9. Congratulations!! You have a lovely new home. I adore that little window...I would have bought the house just for that! Live, Love, Laugh...what a perfect gift for your new home. Have a great weekend.


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