Friday, 3 January 2014

still life...

It's not easy, this daily photos malarkey... Got to work at 7.15 this am, got home at 8.30pm, no lunch, coffee on the hoof... Remembered the photo as I sat down for cheese on toast at gone 9pm...

So... hasty glance at what was remotely interesting or just around -  bowlful of fruit...

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to get my five a day in more regularly... (oh hang on, probably not much in my cheese on toast... oops).

A bowlful of leftover Christmas treats...

I love this cut glass bowl and somehow full of sweets, it makes me think of my Nannie, who was a funny old thing in lots of ways but took great delight in allowing us kids to have a pick into her tin of sweets, to my Mum's irritation! I think I might be a naughty Granny one day... This looks like treasure to me, will probably be there some time as neither Tom or I are big sweet eaters.

And some things need few words - tea and cake, pretty china...

What more to say?!

Going to attempt daylight pics tomorrow!


  1. I think you are doing really well with your photos so far! I'm really hopeless with indoor photos so try to take mine outdoors, but there's only so much I can find in the garden, I need a more creative mind, more vision! Once you get the hang of the site, you'll find out about the weekly theme and the various themes and challenges that run to offer a bit of fun and inspiration (like the tag challenge or mundane item challenge - just ask if you're interested and you can't find them!) but it does get easier, especially with so many supportive fellow 365ers, increasing daylight and the inspiration to be found on the site. I really hope you'll enjoy doing this :)

    1. Thanks Louise! I'm having a bit of camera envy! I used to pinch my son's DSLR which had a great macro lens that made more interesting photos much more possible but he's gone and left home, and taken his camera with him! Outrageous! ;-) Will have a look at the themes etc when I get a chance but to be honest, I mostly wanted to record something each day as a reminder for me - bit like a 'memory prompt' so that I can recall this year so don't want to get too hung up on looking for photo challenges. At least not yet! Might feel differently later in the year when I'm running short of things to take photos of! :-)

  2. Hi Sandra, these are great too. I like that you are telling us some of the reasons why you took the pictures, it adds interest. My mum in law has a never ending sweet supply for her grandchildren :0)
    Jacquie x

    1. Thanks Jacquie, just enjoying a bit of self-imposed discipline, kind of making me look around and think about what the little things mean to me each day and, funnily, enough I'm realising that most of the things we do (like the bowl of sweets) probably are linked to a memory or a thought that makes it relevant. Don't know if that makes any sense...! xx


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