Wednesday, 15 January 2014

things you must do just before moving house...

1. Make marmalade. Of course. Obvious thing to do when you have a gazillion things to pack. Bit like the urge to make chutney just before Christmas...! My sister says I am turning into our mother and it could just be true... 

To be fair, there is some method to my madness. Last year, a bit rashly, I bought two bags of Seville oranges because they were on offer - buy one get one free... Be mad not to, I thought. Only I was trying to remember the recipe quantities from the previous years make and when I got home and checked I had got enough oranges to make at least 20lbs of marmalade. Now I like marmalade, but I certainly don't eat it every day and I'm the only one in the house that does eat it... So I used half and put the rest in the freezer. And this is where my sister thinks I've lost the plot. I still have a few jars from last year but I had to defrost the freezer to move and I had sugar to use up... "But you don't need more marmalade!" she protests... I know that. But I can't throw it all away, can I! And the thought of moving half defrosted, soggy oranges was just a bit too much.

So I spent several precious hours faffing about boiling up the oranges...

The smell was heavenly as they started to release their orangey-ness and they don't seem to have lost anything in the freezing.

Then the chopping. Which is a bit tedious I have to confess but doesn't really take that long once you get into the rhythm of it.

I had a complete mixture of half used bags of sugar in the cupboard, so I threw caution to the wind and just made up the quantities (almost!) with what I'd got, keeping everything crossed that demerara and golden caster don't do weird things in marmalade!

Well, they don't seem to! 10 more jars potted of lovely tangy marmalade. And in my book, essentially free, given I didn't go and buy oranges or sugar this year!

True, I have enough marmalade to feed a small army but hey, it keeps pretty well and I may just not make any next year!

2. Admire the sunshine streaming through the window...

We dug these bottles up from our last garden, when we were building a wildlife pond, several years ago. I know they are a bit bashed and tatty looking but I remember how excited the boys and I were with our 'treasure' and I rather like them. Particularly in the sunshine!

3. Eat Christmas pudding...

This is a bit ditto of number 1 really... I made this one a year and a bit ago (or rather I made two and we only ate one) so it has been quietly 'maturing' since about Oct 2012. This year, although we all love Christmas pud, we 'did different' and went for chocolate fondants on the day. So rather than move it, we cooked it up the other night and it was yum. Better than last year to be honest. Which makes me think I ought to make next years soon. On the assumption that we might want to eat Christmas pud next Christmas. Oh dear, definitely sounding like my mum...

4. Make change of address cards...

I wasn't too impressed with what was available to buy and a bit shocked at how pricy the ones you can make personalised vis the internet, so I bought some nice quality heavyweight paper and made my own. Feel a bit childishly pleased with these. Probably cost me about 2p a card? Plus a fortune in postage but hey ho. At least people will know where to find us!

5. Work out how on earth all this lot will go into my Corsa...

And actually, there's loads more. Never mind, I'll do some sort of tardis magic in the car I expect and lots of trips back and forth! At least its only a short drive.

The fun begins tomorrow!

I am going to be internet-less for a few days now - for some reason know only to the phone companies it takes two weeks fro them to take over the line, even though its in place! Lord knows why. Surely, in this day and age it must just be a question of clicking a button? Tom thinks he might have withdrawal symptoms! I think I can manage without quite happily! But obviously won't be posting for s while. But I will try to keep taking my daily photos and catch up soon.

Til then...


  1. Good luck with your move, hope you will be very happy in your new home, Joy x x

  2. I loved this post Sandra. Your marmalade looks yummy and the Christmas pud looks wonderful....I LOVE Christmas pub but I've never made my own.
    Hope all goes well today and see you on the other side :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. I really like your cards. Good luck!

  4. Good luck! So happy for you! HA! HA! Liked your Tardis reference...can you believe I only just started watching that about 3 months ago?! I love it now...I hope everything goes smoothly for you and can't wait until you can catch us up on how things are going.

  5. I too think it's really odd that it takes so long to sort out the internet these days - two weeks seems ridiculous to me, but then I don't know how it all works. On the plus side you'll have two weeks without the distractions of the internet to get settled in to your new home. I'll look forward to hearing from you in couple of weeks, hope the move goes smoothly.

  6. Ridiculous isn't it? I once had to wait 6 weeks for phone connection even though I had given the phone company notification of my move a month prior. I ended up making a formal complaint to the company claiming expenses for my mobile phone usage and got about $300 in credit. Hope the move goes well and once you are settled put up lots of pics of the happy home.
    xXx Helen

  7. Ooh, exciting!! Good luck with the move, hope it all goes without a hitch. Remember to pack a box with kettle, tea, coffee, sugar etc because a cuppa will probably be the first thing you'll want once you're officially 'in'! Take care, and can't wait to hear how you're settling in xx

  8. Ooh, exciting! Remember to pack a box with kettle, tea, coffee, sugar etc and keep it handy - once you're officially moved in you'll probably be gasping for a cuppa! Good luck, hope it all goes without a hitch - can't wait to hear how you're settling in!

  9. So exciting - imagine your first breakfast in your new home ...with home made marmalade !

    Good luck xx

  10. Good luck with your move. See you on the other side xxx


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